How Medical Device Injuries Happen

How Medical Device Injuries Happen

Medical device errors can often lead to tragic injury accidents and death to victims on the receiving end not to mention how costly these situations are. According to one study released in 2008, medical error accidents cost the United States $19.5 billion. While medical devices can be exceptionally helpful to medical providers’ ability to treat their patients and help them get well again, if an error happens, the opposite can result.

Errors can come by way of the medical device operator or from a defective device itself. If you were harmed by a medical device in the state of Mississippi, call Germany Law Firm, PLLC immediately. Bob Germany is a Mississippi medical device injury attorney that can examine your case and advise you on how to obtain compensation. Bob Germany has been successful in fighting for victims of medical device injuries in Mississippi and winning multi-million dollar settlements for their damages.

What are the Main Types of Medical Device Problems that Lead to Injury?

How Medical Device Injuries in Mississippi HappenMedical devices serve many different purposes. They can be diagnostic, therapeutic, analytical, imaging, operational, and used for the treatment of several conditions. X-ray machines, MRI scanners, insulin pumps, nebulizers, patient lifts, medical lasers, and much more are all examples of medical devices. When it comes to errors with regard to medical devices, there are four ways that problems happen:

  1. User error when a person operating a specific medical device is not trained or instructed on how to use it and ends up not doing so correctly. A user may not understand the instruction manual and improperly apply the device. In some cases, the instruction manual may not be clearly written and the device could be lacking necessary labels and warnings to help users work it in the right way.
  2. A medical device could have a poor design. This would mean that from a device’s inception, it was flawed. So every device that is manufactured is done so with a design that is unsafe.
  3. A medical device could have been manufactured improperly. In these situations, not all of the same devices would have problems, only some that were not assembled correctly would.
  4. Clinical errors happen when a person has been prescribed the use of a device and they have a bad reaction to it which causes them harm. Or, a medical provider may not implant the device the right way.

The aftermath of medical device errors can be catastrophic or deadly. Victims who sustain harm by a medical device error for any reason should consult with an experienced Mississippi medical device injury lawyer to understand their rights and how to be compensated for their damages.

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