How Is Truck Driver Turnover Making Mississippi Roads Dangerous

How Is Truck Driver Turnover Making Mississippi Roads Dangerous

Large commercial trucks in Mississippi present an immense challenge and danger to other drivers on the road. The commercial trucking industry is well-known for negligent hiring practices, poor training, truck drivers that get distracted easily or drive while sleepy, irresponsible truck maintenance, and much more. Just one of these deficits can lead to a serious commercial truck accident in Mississippi, but if more than one of these issues exists the perils to others increase substantially. Commercial truck accidents often have catastrophic and deadly consequences for other smaller passenger vehicles and the statistics show that as more large big rigs are on the roads in the United States, devastating 18-wheeler accidents are also rising.

There are approximately 3.5 million truck drivers operating their tractor-trailers at some point across the nation. As a result, there are over 450,000 crashes that involve massive 18-wheelers. What does this mean for the average driver? Well, it means that if they drive near large trucks there is an enhanced risk that they could be caught up in a commercial truck accident. In fact, truck drivers themselves have a one-in-eight- chance of suffering a major traffic accident on a yearly basis. The unfortunate reality is that many of these crashes didn’t have to take place and the resulting injuries, death, and property damages could have been avoided. By ensuring that truck drivers have the appropriate training, experience, and screening, a large portion of commercial truck accidents could be prevented.

Commercial Truck Driver Turnover is a Serious Problem in the United States

How Is Truck Driver Turnover Making Mississippi Roads DangerousBeing a professional truck driver is not an easy job by any means. The lifestyle is very isolated, the working hours are long, having to deal with traffic regularly can be stressful, the nutrition of truck drivers is often very poor, operating such a large vehicle is much more complex than your average passenger vehicle, and sleep can be irregular. Even experienced and veteran drivers have to work hard to stay focused and manage changing environments and situations carefully. While any truck driver can make costly errors in judgment that lead to a devastating collision, inexperienced and inadequately trained drivers put others on the road at the most risk for a crash.

The American Trucking Association reported that in 2019, the commercial trucking industry had a 95% turnover rate. That is extremely high and so trucking companies have to scramble to find individuals to fill these opening roles. In doing so, hiring practices are loosened and training is lacking to get new truck drivers on the road to make deliveries. There are many reasons why the trucking industry has such a high turnover rate and desperately looking for new drivers to fill openings puts more inexperienced and incompetent drivers behind the wheel. This is one of the reasons that there is a steep rise in tractor-trailer accidents in Mississippi and across the country.

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