How Insurance Adjusters Minimize and Fight Claims

How Insurance Adjusters Minimize and Fight Claims

Talking to insurance adjusters is fundamentally risky; remember, adjusters are employees of for-profit insurance companies, so their priority is the bottom line, not your financial well being. However, you’re inevitably going to need to talk to an adjuster at some point in order to open your claim, so be aware of the tactics adjusters use to minimize and fight claims like yours. To best defend yourself against them, it’s generally a good idea to bring a Mississippi attorney into the loop to handle correspondence on your behalf.

Settlements Are An Adjuster’s Best Friend

How Insurance Adjusters Minimize and Fight Claims

Personal injuries are stressful, complex affairs, and can be an incredible hassle for most people. The majority of claimants aren’t interested in legal debates and court hearings; they just want to get money, pay their medical bills or lost wages, and get back to their lives. Knowing this, adjusters use it as their first line of offense against claimants by offering quick, easy settlements which generally sound fair, but are ultimately undervalued. 

Most people will accept the first settlement offer given to them, no questions asked, out of a desire to avoid the hassle (or while under the assumption that an offer is a “take it or leave it” deal, which it never is). Even if you don’t accept a settlement immediately, adjusters will generally push the matter by making things difficult; they’ll get back to you with slow correspondence, demand exacting, complex processes, and will generally intimidate you with the knowledge that pushing the point or aiming for a lawsuit might just reduce your compensation further (however, doing any of these things in unreasonable or malicious excess constitutes bad faith and is illegal). The more tedious they can make things for you, the more likely you’ll be to accept their settlement offer and get things over with.

Using Statements Against You

Statements are some of the best ammunition adjusters can use to deny your claim with; anything you say not only can, but will be used against you, and never in your favor. Statements can take the form of formal statements in written or recorded format given to your adjuster, but note that even things you say to your friends or on social media can be discovered and used against you.

When a claim is denied for a debatable reason, it’s often because of something the claimant said. However, even if your claim is denied, you’re not at a total loss, and things aren’t hopeless. You can usually make an appeal for a fair claim, especially if you’re worried that the denial may have been made in bad faith.

Devaluing Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys

The moment you seek out the help of a legal professional, the insurance adjuster starts operating on the back foot. Attorneys are wise to dishonest tactics and unfair offers, and furthermore pose a significant financial threat to insurance companies if their client chooses to sue; for this reason, adjusters will usually try to convince you that you don’t need a lawyer. Don’t listen to them; oftentimes, simply getting a personal injury attorney in Mississippi involved is enough to convince an adjuster to give you a better settlement. Call us today at (601) 401-6884 to schedule a free consultation with a compassionate lawyer at Germany Law Firm PLLC and level the playing field, giving you a fighting chance against ruthless insurance adjusters.