September 27, 2021

How Hard is it To Prove Medical Malpractice in Mississippi?

Doctors are only human and they can make mistakes just like the rest of us. When a medical professional does make errors the harmful implications can be life-altering and deadly. Victims that have been harmed by negligent medical professionals in the state of Mississippi, should seek the assistance of an experienced Jackson medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. Proving medical malpractice took place and caused your injuries is not an easy job. In fact, of all the types of injury suits, medical malpractice cases tend to be some of the most challenging. 

Consider the job that a doctor does which is highly specialized and technical. Even doctors with extensive experience still can choose a course of treatment for a patient that is widely regarded as correct but hurts the patient. A patient may respond negatively to the treatment and suffer further injuries or develop another health condition. Every person’s body is different and how they take to treatment or medication may not be exactly like another person’s. So a patient can be harmed by their doctor’s medical decisions but ultimately if negligence on the part of the doctor does not exist a claim for recovery will not be successful.

What is necessary for a successful Mississippi Malpractice Claim?

, How Hard is it To Prove Medical Malpractice in Mississippi?, Germany Law Firm PLLCDoctors have a much higher standard of care for their patients than the average person has to each other. People put their trust and their well-being in doctors and other medical professionals. When a medical professional, whether that be a doctor, pharmacist, therapist, or other specialty is negligent with their guidance and actions they can be held accountable under the law. Some cases may even warrant criminal charges on top of civil suits.

Not every decision that a medical professional in Mississippi makes will be accurate for every patient. However, it is imperative that medical professionals use their best instincts, experience, speak with trusted colleagues, and refer to other resources when giving medical advice and providing treatment. As long as a medical professional used their due diligence and gave advice or treatment that most any other doctor would have also provided, a victim will have an inability to show that there was negligence.

Showing that a doctor took action that was reckless and against accepted knowledge is difficult. To be successful with a Mississippi medical malpractice claim the following must happen:

  • You must show that you were a patient under the care of the doctor at the time your harm was caused.
  • You must show that the doctor who treated you did so in a way that no other similar medical professional would have in the same situation.
  • You must show that the duty of care that you were owed was breached by the doctor, so negligence existed, and because of these factors, you sustained injuries or illness.

Not only are medical malpractice suits in Mississippi quite formidable, but they are also very expensive and can a long time to come to a conclusion. 

Speak to a Mississippi Medical Malpractice Attorney Today

Almost every medical procedure and medications come with a set of risks. If you were informed of these risks and you consented to the treatment and suffered a side effect, your doctor is not culpable. However, if a completely avoidable mistake was made then you may have a case for filing a claim for compensation. The best thing to do is have your situation evaluated by a trained and experienced Jackson medical malpractice lawyer. Call the Germany Law Firm today to speak with Bob Germany, a Mississippi malpractice attorney during a free consultation at (601) 487-0555. 

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