How Driving Too Slowly Can Be Dangerous

How Driving Too Slowly Can Be Dangerous

As children grow up into adults, they come to understand the importance and convenience of earning a driver’s license. Driving allows for easy transportation, independence, and a vital tool for many across the country. However, driving also comes with many responsibilities and duties on behalf of all citizens. Not only must drivers learn to travel responsibly, but also in ways that keep the road safe for everyone.

Most new drivers struggle with speeding and driving too fast—leading to not only speeding tickets but potential accidents. However, the same can still happen if a person drives too slowly along the road. Despite the heavy emphasis road signs provide on speed limits, speed minimums are also important. Driving slowly can not only disrupt and harm the flow of traffic but still lead to damage and injuries. By finding the right balance of speed, people can prevent accidents, road rage, and other dangers due to slow driving.

Dangers Presented by Slow Driving

Though you might initially think that slow driving is safer, it actually can cause just as many problems as speeding. Though drivers should practice slowing down on the road, driving too slowly possesses and creates other problems. Disrupting traffic is among the biggest issues—especially if a slow driver is passing through the left lane. The left lane of roads with multiple lanes—such as highways—are meant for passing traffic. These are the fastest drivers on the road, while slower traffic is meant to drive toward the right lane.

If a faster driver approaches a slower driver, they may not just crash into them. If a speeding driver runs into a slow-moving driver, they may find themselves frustrated. On the road, people are always aiming to reach a destination—work, school, the store, or other people. When people are running behind, they get frustrated, creating the potential for road rage. Road rage might lead to reckless driving, crude behavior or language between drivers, or even aggressive confrontation. These various forms of road rage may not only present dangers between the two drivers clashing but other nearby motorists.

Even without aggression, however, slow driving can still present other troubles. If a driver tries to pass a slow-moving driver in the left lane, crossing through slower traffic in the right lanes can cause accidents. Cars switching lanes repetitively can create confusion and complicate traffic for multiple drivers on the road. This can especially cause problems on highways, which can have several different lanes at once.

The Causes of Slow Driving

On the road, there are many types of people who may drive slower than usual for various reasons. Most people assume slower vehicles are being driven by senior citizens, as older people often drive slowly. However, elderly people are not the only types of drivers who pace themselves leisurely on the road. Though new and younger drivers typically become associated with speeding, they may also drive slower too.

Elderly people typically drive steadily due to poor eyesight or an inability to hold the gas pedal for long periods. Additionally, senior drivers also tend to have delayed reflexes, making driving a difficult task. On the flip side, younger drivers who feel nervous about their driving ability will typically drive slower. This can especially be the case if the flow of traffic is higher than usual or if inclement weather occurs.

Sometimes, people drive slower not because of their age or experience, but weather conditions such as rain, sleet, or snow. Other times, drivers may simply be driving distracted, such as texting, eating, or browsing the internet while driving. Some drivers may just tune out and have no idea anyone else could be driving behind them. But even experienced drivers sometimes slow down simply because they find themselves lost or driving through new territory.

How to Handle Slow Drivers

How Driving Too Slowly Can Be DangerousMany motorists on the road become easily frustrated with slower drivers, often passing them or even becoming aggressive; however, these can be poor solutions that can increase the risk of an accident. Aggressive behavior such as honking your horn may only intimidate a slow driver, causing them to make reckless decisions. Reckless decisions can lead to accidents that not only slow you down but leave you and others involved injured.


The best solution might be simply navigating around slow drivers safely and watching your own driving habits. Oftentimes, many slow drivers do not realize how slow or dangerous their driving might be. By carefully analyzing our own driving, gauging speed, and handling other drivers responsibly, the roads can be made safer for everyone.

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