December 8, 2021

How Do You Win a Breach of Contract Suit?

When you enter into a contract with another party and an agreement is made for products or services, it is expected that the terms of the arrangement be honored. However, in some circumstances, one entity may not follow through with its responsibilities per the agreed-upon contract. Not only can this be frustrating to deal with but it could also be very expensive. If a business suffers a breach of contract the actual operations of that company may be distinctly affected, and not in a good way.

If you live in Jackson, MS and you have a contract in place where the parameters of the deal are not being upheld, you may have a case for a breach of contract lawsuit. Bob Germany is a Jackson commercial litigation attorney that can review your case and offer competent legal guidance as to what you can do to take action and have the issues resolved. 

What Does it Take to Win a Breach of Contract Lawsuit?

There are several parties that a breach of contract lawsuit may be brought against including:

  • Former employees
  • Vendors
  • Clients
  • Current employees
  • Business partners
  • Real estate associates, How Do You Win a Breach of Contract Suit?, Germany Law Firm PLLC

Any time a contract is put into effect between a company and another person, partner, or entity, if there is a violation, a suit could potentially be brought forth. Of course, to win the case there are certain elements that must exist and need to be proven. These are:

  • The contract in question which was said to be infringed was legitimate and enforceable.
  • You have standing, or you have a personal stake in how the breach is handled.
  • Per the contract, you performed, tried to perform, or were unable to perform the duties explained in the document.
  • The entity, individual, or partner defined in the contract broke the terms of the agreement.
  • Due to the breach of contract, you suffered damages.

When a breach of contract lawsuit is a success, often the plaintiff in the suit will be able to secure the most favorable outcome like financial compensation for those damages that resulted.

According to the Mississippi Bar, contracts are not always uncomplicated. Many times these documents are highly complex with respect to defining the expectations of the parties involved. Ultimately, any business that signs a contract should be sure to understand the terms fully so that a fair deal can be made. If an entity does not have complete awareness and sense of what they are signing onto, they could mistakenly agree to provisions that are impossible to fulfill. 

Also, knowing when a contract is enforceable and when it is not is incredibly important. When a contract is accepted by all parties, all obligations described for each party should take place. Otherwise, when this does not happen, legal action may be the proper remedy.

Speak to a Mississippi Commercial Litigation Attorney Today

The Jackson business litigation team at the Germany Law Firm, PLLC has the resources, the background, and the know-how to help you get the best possible outcome from your Mississippi breach of contract suit. To learn more, please call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation at (601) 487-0555. 

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