How do the Most Common Types of Mississippi Car Accidents Happen

How do the Most Common Types of Mississippi Car Accidents Happen

There are more than six million car accidents that take place in the United States on an annual basis. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that in 2019 there were 33,244 deadly crashes across the country which resulted in 36,096 deaths. Car accidents in the United States are a reoccurring problem, and the same is true for the state of Mississippi. As of 2019, the state of Mississippi had a population of 2,976,149. That year there were 581 fatal crashes where 643 people died.

If you have been in a car accident in Mississippi you may have sustained injuries, property damages, and had to take time away from work because your harm was so great. You can file a Mississippi personal injury claim against the negligent party that was responsible for your accident. It is very helpful to work with a knowledgeable Jackson personal injury attorney when you decide to file a claim so that you have the strongest case possible. Working with an experienced car accident attorney in Jackson at Germany Law Firm, PLLC improves your chances of winning your case and getting the most money in your settlement.

What Types of Mississippi Car Accidents Happen Most Often?

How do the Most Common Types of Mississippi Car Accidents HappenThere are several ways that a car accident can happen and any accident has the potential to deliver devastating consequences. Some of the most common types of car accidents in Mississippi are:

  • Rear-end accidents happen when one car slams into the back of another vehicle. People in booths cars can sustain serious injuries from rear-end collisions. Whiplash happens frequently to individuals involved in rear-end collisions.
  • Side impact collisions, otherwise known as T-bone collisions can happen when one car passes through an intersection and another car crashes into its side. Running a red light is not only illegal but is also very dangerous. There is an increased potential for a T-bone collision when stop signs and stop lights are ignored.
  • Left-turn accidents happen when a car is turning left and has to cross over oncoming traffic. If a turn signal isn’t used or a driver isn’t paying attention to the flow of traffic there is the risk of a crash when one car turns left.
  • Parking lot accidents can happen when one car hits another that is parked, or when one car is pulling out of a parking space and backs into another. Crashes in parking lots can also happen when one car is driving up and down the rows of the lot looking for a parking space or exiting the lot.

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