November 29, 2021

How Common are 18-Wheeler Accidents in Mississippi?

There are more private passenger vehicles on the road than there are 18-wheelers. This is why private passenger vehicle accidents occur more frequently than truck accidents. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that in 2019, there were 36,096 accidents and 62% of the deadly incidents that took place were in passenger vehicles.

Still, 18-wheeler trucks are plentiful on our highways and interstates. These large vehicles are an important part of our country’s infrastructure and functioning. Without these trucks traversing the roads day and night, we would experience massive shortages of products in our stores and long delays for deliveries. As such, the potential for accidents with 18-wheeler trucks is present and these incidents happen at a higher frequency than most people think.

How Often do 18-Wheeler Accidents Happen?

, How Common are 18-Wheeler Accidents in Mississippi?, Germany Law Firm PLLCAcross the country, there are about three million registered commercial 18-wheeler trucks. The number of commercial truck accidents is increasing and being reported more often in recent years. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the number of fatal large truck crashes that occurred in 2018 increased by 1% from 2017. From 2009 to present-day 2021, truck accidents have been up by 52%.

When an 18-wheeler is involved in a crash, the aftermath is more likely to be devastating. This is specifically true if the truck collides with a much smaller passenger vehicle. Passenger vehicles, even larger pickup trucks are no match for the force and momentum of an 18-wheeler truck. Many times, these interactions are deadly.

Commercial trucks accidents can come in many forms including:

  • Jackknife accidents.
  • Underride accidents where a car slides underneath the truck.
  • Tire blowouts.
  • Rollovers.
  • Improperly loaded and secured cargo that tips the truck.

Drivers can help reduce their risk of being in an accident with a commercial truck by staying out of the truck’s four blind spots. These are:

  1. Directly in front of the truck.
  2. Driving closely behind a truck.
  3. Driving near the truck drivers’ seat.
  4. Driving near the truck driver’s passenger seat.

In addition to driving in safe locations when near a commercial truck, making sure to give yourself enough space from the truck helps. Always staying alert on the road and never driving when you are fatigued is critical too.

If you are injured in an 18-wheeler accident, your first course of action is to see a doctor for treatment. Then, as soon as you are able, speaking with a local attorney will help you learn more about your rights and options for compensation. Commercial truck accidents are some of the most complex types of injury incidents to unravel. This is why having the right legal counsel assisting you is important. Connecting with a lawyer that has worked on 18-wheeler truck accident cases before is necessary.

Speak to a Mississippi 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney Today

Every year there are thousands of 18-wheeler truck accidents in Mississippi. Bob Germany is a Jackson 18-wheeler truck accident attorney that has extensive experience with commercial truck accidents. Call the Mississippi truck accident lawyers at Germany Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case at (601) 487-0555.

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