How Careless Driving Impacts Your Mississippi Auto Insurance Rates

How Careless Driving Impacts Your Mississippi Auto Insurance Rates

Operating a motor vehicle without valid car insurance is against the law in the state of Mississippi. Every single driver is legally obligated to have their own car insurance, which can be pricey, even for drivers with a squeaky clean driving record. Not accumulating citations for careless driving is a great way to keep your car insurance rates as low as possible. 

The minimum auto insurance requirement for any driver in Mississippi is:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person per accident
  • $50,000 bodily injury for all persons per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability

Safe driving is not a pursuit you should engage in solely for financial benefit. Every driver needs to follow the rules of the road for their own safety, the safety of their passengers, and the safety of other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists with whom they share the road. That does not, however, change the fact that the impact of a traffic citation on your car insurance can be problematic in the ways listed below:

Your Insurance Premiums Go Up Drastically

How Careless Driving Impacts Your Mississippi Auto Insurance Rates

Being issued a traffic citation entails more expenses than just an administrative fine. It may take a bit for your insurance carrier to receive updates regarding your driving record and adjust your insurance rates accordingly but a moving citation will eventually find its way to your driving record. 

Based on a report concerning insurance rates written by insurance company analysts, speeding in excess of 30 miles an hour over the legal posted speed limit will raise your insurance rates by approximately $427 annually. Texting while behind the wheel will raise your premiums by roughly $344 annually, and your first offense for driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will jack your insurance rates up by a whopping $1,131 each year.

Should you receive a citation in a state other than Mississippi, information regarding your moving violation will most likely still be handed off to your insurance carrier. Almost every state has laws that compel them to reveal information concerning traffic citations with insurance companies in other states.

Your Car Insurance Policy Could be Cancelled

Insurance carriers have every right to drop your insurance coverage because of your current driving record. If you have recurring traffic violations, an inordinate number of citations, or serious convictions, any insurance carrier is allowed to decline to provide you with auto insurance from that point on. Other insurance companies are also allowed to refuse to provide you with coverage. This will make obtaining and paying for car insurance very difficult, which could stop you from legally operating any motor vehicle entirely.

Drunk driving, reckless driving, and evading the police are also serious moving violations that will decimate your current auto insurance policy. 

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