How Car Accidents Differ from Truck Accidents

How Car Accidents Differ from Truck Accidents

Both truck and car accidents can have devastating outcomes for victims. However, the likelihood of catastrophic injuries when a truck collides with a car is increased due to the size and weight of a truck. When a vehicle as large as an 18-wheeler truck slams into a much smaller passenger vehicle, those who occupy the passenger vehicle are at high risk for serious injuries and death.

Since 2009, there has been a 52% increase in the number of truck accidents taking place on roads throughout the United States. Of all the deadly traffic accidents reported each year, 74% of passenger vehicle deaths involve a massive truck. Of all the truck-related fatal crashes that take place, 68% of the deaths are occupants of the passenger vehicle.

Truck accidents can be devastating, and this is specifically true for people that are riding in a passenger vehicle. The trucking industry is well-known to have many issues including poor hiring and training practices, overly tired truck drivers, truck operators that use alcohol and drug while driving. If a truck caused your crash and resulting injuries in the greater Jackson, MS area, call the Jackson truck accident attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC for help with your personal injury claim.

Why Are Truck and Car Accidents Different?

How Car Accidents Differ from Truck AccidentsYour average 18-wheeler truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and be as long as 80 feet. Large trucks like these will have a much harder time stopping quickly and can be very unstable. Trucks can cause a variety of accidents that smaller cars are less likely to produce.

For example, underride accidents happen when a car slides underneath a truck. Rollover accidents happen when the actual truck rolls over and when this happens, it can crush vehicles that are next to it. Jackknife accidents take place when the trailer of a truck thrusts forward and forms a 90-degree angle with the front of the truck or the cab.

In addition to the various ways that a truck can cause an accident and the extensive damages that result from truck accidents, there are other key distinctions from car accidents. One glaring difference is that truck accident companies know the risk that exists in their industry and they also know how expensive civil suits can be because of this. As a result, they employ the help of savage and relentless insurance companies that will rush to an accident scene as soon as it happens to access or suppress information that could result in liability for the trucking company.

Victims of large truck accidents in Jackson have to protect themselves and be treated fairly during the personal injury claim process. This is especially true when a victim is also trying to recover from their injuries. To accomplish this, working with a Jackson car accident attorney is imperative.

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