How Can Runways Cause Airplane Crashes in Mississippi?

How Can Runways Cause Airplane Crashes in Mississippi?

When you board an airplane there is always the possibility that something can go wrong and a crash can happen. There are many people that are afraid to fly, but the reality is that flying is a very safe way to travel. The risk of dying in an airplane crash is less than .01%. A good portion of airplane accidents, though, occur on runways. Specifically, when an airplane is landing. There are several issues and reasons as to why runways can pose a threat and cause a crash to take place.

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Causes of Runway Accidents in Mississippi

How Can Runways Cause Airplane Crashes in MississippiMany hazards can exist on airplane runways that cause airplane accidents including:

  • Airport runways are designed based on the geography of the area where the airport is located. While some have plenty of room, others do not and can make passengers feel particularly nervous when it is time to land. Likewise, novice pilots may feel a bit of angst when having to maneuver their plan in the precise way necessary to make a safe landing. Whether it is airports that exist between mountains, runways that have little space, or airports that are crammed into busy cities, how a runway is designed and fits into its environment can pose serious perils for pilots and their passengers.
  • The weather is always an issue when flying and certain conditions can cause flights to be canceled because of the dangers that they present. It is critical that runways are cleared of any hazards from inclement weather such as ice or snow so that these precarious factors are not a problem for pilots. Many times this happens quickly, but not always. When slick conditions are not cleaned this is very dangerous for a pilot to operate their airplane.
  • If a runway is made with inferior materials, it will be unable to effectively hold up to the wear and tear of airplanes taking off and landing. Defects in the runway such as cracks, uneven surfaces, and debris will cause challenges for planes.
  • People and vehicles that are on the runway when they are not supposed to be are extremely dangerous hazards that can easily cause airplane crashes in Mississippi.

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