How Can a Medical Emergency Defense Help Me in Mississippi?

How Can a Medical Emergency Defense Help Me in Mississippi?

If you blacked out while driving and found yourself in an ambulance or hospital after a car accident in Mississippi, you may have reasonable concerns about liability. If the car accident was caused by you, but you had no control over what happened due to a medical emergency, then you may have a chance to avoid major liability issues. Using the medical emergency defense could potentially save you thousands of dollars in damages. Talk to a Jackson auto accident attorney to learn more.

What is the Medical Emergency Defense?

A Mississippi medical emergency defense, in simple terms, is your best bet at avoiding lawsuits against you if you experienced a major medical emergency right leading up to the car accident. In other words, if you lost control of the vehicle due to an unexpected loss of function in your body, then you might have a powerful defense for the accident. This means you could avoid paying for damages and may be eligible to receive significant compensation.

How Can a Medical Emergency Defense Help Me in Mississippi?For the medical emergency defense to work, you have to demonstrate the emergency was unexpected, involved a medical condition, and made you lose control of your vehicle right before the accident. This defense may not work if you knew about the medical condition beforehand, were told not to drive by a medical professional, or engaged in unhealthy behaviors before driving that exacerbated your medical condition.

Some common examples of medical emergencies are heart attacks, strokes, diabetic lows or comas, seizures, passing out, and sudden blood pressure drops. Talking with your doctor and a lawyer about the incident can be vital for protecting yourself against a lawsuit that could seriously harm your finances. A lawyer can help you navigate through the legal steps involved with proving the medical emergency defense.

Protecting Your Rights After a Mississippi Car Accident

Once you have the medical emergency defense on your side, you can also increase your chances of being compensated for any damages you suffered like injuries, lost wages, or property damages. This process involves submitting a Mississippi car accident claim with a strong amount of evidence.

You can collect evidence by taking pictures, writing down witness statements, obtaining a copy of the police report, and gaining relevant copies of your medical records. Be sure to keep any receipts related to the accident like car repair costs or medications. Write down your version of what happened before memories fade. Always obtain the name and insurance information from the other driver and never admit fault or apologize, no matter how tempting.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents Attorney in Mississippi

You may not have to pay for Mississippi car accident damages if you experienced a genuine medical emergency right before the accident. Taking the right steps means you receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Mississippi multi-vehicle accident lawyer today to explore your legal options. One of our Mississippi car accident lawyers will work with you to defend your rights and earn the compensation you need to recover.