October 3, 2021

How are Mississippi Civil and Commercial Litigation the Same?

There are both similarities and differences between civil and commercial litigation. The biggest difference between the two types of legal responses is who is involved. Commercial litigation is between businesses while civil litigation is between more than one party and where financial compensation is sought. While some civil cases have the potential to be highly complex, typically, commercial litigations cases are some of the most complicated to manage.

Whether you were harmed by another negligent party and are seeking compensation for your damages or you own a business in Mississippi and you are dealing with fraud or have a dispute, you need the right legal counsel to represent your best interests. With 40 years of experience, the dedicated team at the Germany Law Firm can help you with all of your Mississippi personal injury or commercial litigation needs.

What are the Similarities and Differences Between Civil and Commercial Litigation

, How are Mississippi Civil and Commercial Litigation the Same?, Germany Law Firm PLLCSimilarities:

  • A case will be investigated to recover information and facts.
  • Legal response and arguments will be based on the state of Mississippi’s laws.
  • A demand letter will be sent and a settlement negotiated.
  • An attorney is best suited to manage the legal case.
  • A lawsuit will be filed.
  • If a settlement cannot be agreed upon then the case will go to court.
  • There will be a discovery period if the case goes to court.
  • Motions may be made.
  • A case can be seen by a judge or jury.

Where civil and commercial cases differ is that while a civil case has the potential to be drawn out, most of the time these cases will resolve much sooner than a normal commercial case. Commercial cases can take years to come to a resolution and the cost of litigating a commercial case is exorbitant because of how many expenses are involved.

There are many different types of commercial litigation cases including:

  • Class Action suits
  • Bad Faith
  • Tax disputes
  • Various types of business fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Antitrust
  • Insurance issues
  • Partnership disputes
  • LLC membership disagreements
  • Restrictive covenant
  • Debts
  • Real estate and land use
  • Trade secrets
  • Infringement of intellectual property
  • Business torts

This list is not even a comprehensive list of the problems that can arise in the course of doing business which can lead to commercial litigation in Mississippi. Business conflicts can majorly affect a company in many ways. A company’s reputation can be damaged, the ability to expand and make a profit can be impacted, along with many other negative outcomes. It is essential that a talented Mississippi commercial litigation attorney is used when tackling these very serious legal situations.

Speak to a Mississippi Commercial Litigation Attorney Today

If you are experiencing problems related to your business, you may have questions about business litigation. Sometimes the best move is to settle a dispute and in other situations, it makes the most sense to litigate. To have your questions answered and to receive legal guidance on what to do and how to proceed, contact the Jackson commercial litigation attorney at the Germany Law Firm today at (601) 487-0555.

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