Having a Suspended Driver’s License and Car Insurance

Having a Suspended Driver’s License and Car Insurance

In the modern age, carrying a driver’s license has become important for people around the world. A driver’s license not only allows people permission to drive but also acts as a method of identification. Though many people consider driving a requirement, drivers actually hold licenses as a privilege.

People can have their license suspended for a variety of reasons—leaving the scene of an accident, being charged withHaving a Suspended Driver's License and Car Insurance a DUI, or driving without insurance. With a suspended license, you lose many opportunities, rights, and will be put under strict regulations. In some circumstances, you may wonder if having your license suspended affects your current insurance plan. The answer? Yes, having your license suspended affects your policy. In fact, it can even hurt it in the future, but you should still keep your insurance current.

As a great driver, you may never need to worry about having a suspended license. But every person is capable of mistakes, so what should you be prepared for?

Effects on Your Insurance Policy

As a driver, you have car insurance to protect you, your family, and damages out of your control. Many reasons drivers have their license suspended, however, typically occur due to a driver’s own mistakes and negligence. Perhaps you were responsible enough to buy an insurance policy but have been charged with a DUI. In Mississippi, a license suspension stays on drivers’ records for three to five years. You can also exclude some drivers from a plan—such as elderly or newer drivers—who are prone to accidents and suspension.

Whether or not you contact your insurer about your suspension can affect your policy later. One way or another, they can and will discover if your license has been suspended. Some insurers will require you to report your suspension, and not reporting it can cost you your policy. They might deny you a renewal of your plan and even label you as a high-risk driver for hiding it. High-risk drivers typically end up paying more or even be denied some coverage, making it an undesirable title.

Being Insured During a Suspension

When and if you have your license suspended, you might begin wondering if you even need car insurance while suspended. After all, if you cannot legally drive, why would you need insurance for the car you cannot drive? Many states–including Mississippi–still require you to keep an insurance policy even with a suspended license.

For example, if you financed your vehicle through a bank or dealership, you cannot simply postpone or end your policy. Some states, including Mississippi, require you to have insurance for your car—even if you cannot drive it. Additionally, if multiple people drive a car, that car still needs to be insured. Even if you store a car while suspended, insurance covers damages from natural causes, falling objects, or even theft.

After the Suspension Ends

Even though the suspension of your license will eventually end, you still may face future consequences. As mentioned before, records of your suspension can last from three to five years, labeling you as a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers typically face higher insurance costs, limited policies, or may even be refused coverage altogether.

License suspension may be a temporary setback, but its lasting effects can impact a great deal of your life. Cars help people in their everyday lives by traveling to work, buying groceries, meeting with others, and other personal business. Losing a license and losing car insurance along with it can make life difficult for years to come. Upholding your responsibility as a driver can be crucial to sustaining a license, but unfair exchanges can happen in court. In Mississippi, you can find trusting and reliable legal attorneys throughout the state.

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