May 9, 2022

Gulfport, MS - One Injured When Train Collides With Car on Hwy 49

Gulfport, MS (May 08, 2022) - On Wednesday, May 4th, a car carrying two adults and a toddler was struck by a train on Highway 49 in Gulfport. 

The driver of the car sustained a neck injury believed to be non-critical. No other injuries were reported. 

According to sources, the train pushed the car along the tracks at Creosote Road in the area of Gulfport Premium Outlets.

The train operator said he almost struck another vehicle that was near the tracks.

Highway 49 was temporarily shut down while the scene was cleared.

The circumstances leading up to the incident are unknown at this time. 

Our thoughts are with the injured victim and their family at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

Train Accidents in Mississippi

, Gulfport, MS - One Injured When Train Collides With Car on Hwy 49, Germany Law Firm PLLC

Every year, across the United States, around 800 people are killed and thousands more sustain injuries in accidents that involve trains. When contrasted with the death and injury counts created by collisions involving only motor vehicles, these totals may seem rather small but, in reality, still equal two deadly train incidents each day.

There are multiple types of train accidents that can occur in a wide variety of situations. Some of the more common examples include:

  • Railway crossing accidents
  • Trains derailing
  • Trains colliding with automobiles
  • Train colliding with other trains
  • Trains colliding with cyclists or pedestrians 

Most of the train accidents that happen within the United States take place at railway crossings. An automobile can stall on the tracks, traffic might be gridlocked causing a car to be stopped at a crossing without any safety bars to prevent this from happening. Once in a while, when railway crossings are not marked with flashing lights or safety bars, automobiles can crash into an oncoming train in the darkness.

Before you will be able to seek financial recovery for an injury resulting from a train accident, you will be required to show that a negligent act on the part of the train company, the train operator, or the driver of another motor vehicle was liable for your accident. 

The National Transportation Safety Board is responsible for leading any investigations that deal with Amtrak derailments or accidents. After publishing their official report, your Mississippi train injury attorney will start constructing a case that demonstrates precisely how the responsible party’s recklessness or negligence was the direct cause of your accident and ensuing injuries.

Railways, Amtrak conductors and drivers, railway maintenance workers, mechanics, and other railway employees work for a common carrier. This means they have a duty to the public to make sure that riding on their trains is as secure, safe, and danger-free as possible. 

When a railroad conductor, operator, or other worker breaches the burden of care they owe to their passengers, along with others in the area, and that breach is shown to be the immediate cause of your injuries, you quite probably have grounds for a legitimate train injury claim.

If you sustained significant injuries due to the malice, dereliction, or negligence of a second party, we are prepared to review your potential personal injury claim. Contact our personal injury attorneys in Mississippi by calling our law firm at (601) 487-0555 to schedule a case evaluation.

Note: The information provided within these posts has been gathered from outside sources, for Germany Law Firm, PLLC, and, as such, has not been independently verified. All provided information has been gathered from secondary sources including news bulletins and other first-hand accounts. If you find any information that is incorrect or you would like this post to be removed, please contact our law firm immediately so that we can correct the story or remove it entirely from the website.

Disclaimer: At Germany Law Firm, PLLC, we provide the information found in these accident reports as a resource for families who have been in similar situations and to raise awareness about the dangers of driving. We would also like to honor the victims who have been injured or lost their life as a result of a Mississippi accident and hope that the information reported will help prevent future accidents. The photographs depicted in these posts are not representative of the actual accident scene. 

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