Getting Compensated After a Car Accident with a Wild Animal in Mississippi

Getting Compensated After a Car Accident with a Wild Animal in Mississippi

Driving comes with many perils. Other drivers, car defects, pedestrians, inclement weather, road hazards can all be detrimental when driving and lead to an accident. While there are numerous issues that can quickly cause a serious car accident, it is important to realize that wild animals are near the top of the list. Every year in the United States as many as two million car accidents will happen as a result of a wild animal darting into the road and colliding with an automobile. When a wild animal, especially a large one, crashes into a car, the damage can be extensive. Not only can the property damages be immense but the physical bodily harm can also be severe.

Because animals do not have insurance you may wonder if a crash with a wild animal means that you will be unable to secure compensation for your damages. It is important that if your car is hit by an animal in Mississippi, you should still take the same steps you would as if you were in a crash with another car. Calling the police and have a medical professional treat you for any injuries you endured are proactive actions to take. If you are able to after your accident, write down what happened so you do not forget the details. If possible, while at the scene take pictures of the incident. Then connect with a proficient and skilled Jackson personal injury attorney for help with filing an insurance claim.

Where Do Collisions with Wild Animals Happen?

Getting Compensated after a Car Accident with a Wild Animal in MississippiCar accidents with wild animals are not just restricted to rural areas. These incidents can happen in any environment. Two-lane roads make up 89% of crashes between cars and wild animals. Two-lane roads are the most common means for traveling across the United States and what American drivers use the most for highway miles traveled. 

Statistically, the aftermath of a crash with a wild animal results in as high as 10% of drivers being injured. On an annual basis, that means that approximately 26,000 drivers will sustain injuries because of crashes with wild animals. While drivers are at risk for injuries during these accidents, the animals themselves often die. The death of some species from car accidents has been disastrous to their populations. For example, the desert tortoise and the Hawaiian goose are just two examples of species that required more intense conservation efforts because these animals were so deeply harmed by car accidents.

Avoiding a collision with wild animals isn’t always easy. Many times, animals can quickly enter the road unexpectedly and with little time for a driver to swerve around them or brake. During sunrise and sunset, animals tend to be more active. Being extra cautious while driving at these times and always at night, where visibility is diminished are helpful ways to reduce the risk of a collision with a wild animal.

Speak to a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney

Even the most cautious and alert driver can be taken by surprise by a wild animal dashing out onto the road. If you know someone who was injured in a Mississippi car accident or if you have been harmed in a crash, connect with Germany Law Firm, PLLC. The Mississippi personal injury attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC can answer your questions and help you with your Mississippi personal injury claim. Contact Germany Law Firm, PLLC to schedule your free consultation today at (601) 487-0555 today.