Five Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for Children

Five Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for Children

If your child is planning on going trick-or-treating this Halloween, they are most likely extremely excited for the day your neighborhood engages in the Halloween tradition. Trick-or-treating is a beloved annual activity that many children across the country enjoy and it is easy to understand why. Getting to dress up and play make-believe on top of acquiring a heavy bag full of candy is an easy sell for most children.

Alongside checking candy before your child digs in, making sure your kids are safe when they are out in your neighborhood is also essential. Because trick-or-treating happens when the sun goes down, children can be much less visible. If they are wearing a dark costume, this can also make them harder to see. Teaching your kids to be cautious while they are out can reduce the risk of being injured in a tragic accident.

How Can Your Children Stay Safe Trick-or-Treating?

Five Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for ChildrenDrivers that are coming up and down the street should be cognizant when trick-or-treat night is upon them. Even if there are fewer parents that allow their children to go out visiting one home after another, there are assured to still be some kids running about. Therefore, driving much slower, not allowing any distractions, and staying incredibly alert should be a driver’s priority all the time but especially when many children are expected to be out.

Still, parents cannot count on every driver to think this way and engage in safe driving practices. In fact, a parent should always be prepared that there will be reckless drivers so that they enforce protections with their children. Some of these include:

  1. Consistently teach children where the right place to cross a street is and to always be looking both ways and at all parts of the road before entering it.
  2. Add glowing necklaces, give your children flashlights, add reflective materials to their costumes, and attach blinking lights to their bodies can make them much more visible at night.
  3. Encourage them to always stay in their group, if they are going out without parental supervision. Tell them at each house, they must all wait for everyone in their group to get their candy before running off to the next one.
  4. Tell them not to go into a person’s house they do not know. Or leave with anyone they are not familiar with.
  5. Keep them at home. It may not sound like the most fun plan, but you can create a fun and special Halloween-themed party with plenty of festive activities and foods. If the weather permits, maybe set up a tent to end the night with backyard camping. Other families in your network that are also avoiding trick or treating may be interested in getting together and enjoying all the fall fun.

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