First Aid for Eye Injuries Caused by Mississippi Car Accidents

First Aid for Eye Injuries Caused by Mississippi Car Accidents

Due to how sensitive eyes are to permanent damage, knowing what to do when a foreign object or chemical is in your eye after a Mississippi car accident is vital for preventing long-term damage. Not knowing what to do could lead to more damage, some of which might be irreversible. The last thing you want is to lose your vision because of a mistake or not taking steps that could have been taken to remedy the situation. If your eye injuries were caused by a reckless driver, then consider hiring a Mississippi Auto Accident Attorney who can help you obtain compensation.

Most Common Mississippi Car Accident Eye Injuries

Being aware of some of the most common Mississippi car accident eye injuries can give you an idea of what to expect. The top three most common eye injuries caused by car First Aid for Eye Injuries Caused by Mississippi Car Accidentsaccidents involve contusions or abrasions, foreign bodies in the eye, and hemorrhages. Contusions are bruises and abrasions are scratches that can be extremely painful. These are often caused by blunt force.

Foreign bodies can enter the eye during the chaotic nature of the accident or during the aftermath when you are trying to escape your damaged vehicle. Rollover accidents tend to have leaking chemicals that can easily drip in your eye as you try to navigate your way out. This can lead to chemical burns of the eye. Other objects can become trapped or lodged in the eyes like dirt, debris, and glass. Smoke or steam from the accident may also damage your eyes.

Eye hemorrhages happen when a blood vessel in the eye bursts and bleeding occurs. This can be seen by redness in the eye and tends to go away on its own. Be sure to seek medical attention for any Mississippi eye injuries.

First Aid Tips for Mississippi Eye Injuries

The two main eye injuries you want to manage while waiting for paramedics are foreign body injuries and abrasions. Mississippi eye injury first aid involves caution and careful inspection before proceeding. Redness, bleeding, pain, and visible damage to the eye are clear signs of these injuries.

For chemical burns or debris, wash the eye with clean water as much as possible for about 15 minutes. Let debris fall out by doing this while holding the eyelid out. Do not bandage the eye. For abrasions, never wash the eye out with water and do not remove any object stuck in the eye until emergency services arrive. What you can do is cover the eye with a cup as long as no pressure is put on the protruding object.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Mississippi

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