Everyone You Need to Call After a Mississippi Car Accident

Everyone You Need to Call After a Mississippi Car Accident

The aftermath of a car accident can be chaotic, leaving many people unsure how to handle the situation or who to call first. Knowing the most important people you need to call after a Mississippi car accident can help you successfully navigate through that chaos without making any major mistakes. Who you call after the accident is crucial for your car accident claim and personal safety. Consider calling a Mississippi Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer if you are experiencing problems with receiving compensation.

When to Make Emergency Calls for a Mississippi Car Accident

If anyone suffered major injuries or if there were severe property damages, then you will usually have to call 911 for the paramedics and the police. Making emergency calls like this is one of the most important Mississippi car accident steps because not making a Everyone You Need to Call After a Mississippi Car Accidentcall in some cases could lead to legal and liability issues on your part. For example, if someone failed to call 911 when someone was dying and that person could have called 911, then that person might be held partially liable.

When you call 911, the receiver may ask you questions about what injuries you see and whether anyone is in any danger. Suggestions might be made about moving other people and yourself to safety, such as away from a burning car or oncoming traffic. Be careful about moving other people if you think doing so would worsen the injury. Feel free to explain this to the 911 operator and ask questions if you are unsure.

Calling the police is important for your car accident claim because Calling the police is important for your car accident claim because the Mississippi auto insurance company will want a copy of the police report to corroborate your story. Sometimes police will show up but might not, depending on the severity of the accident. Be prepared to answer questions about what happened.

Who Else Should I Call After a Mississippi Car Accident?

Once you have made the two most important phone calls to 911 after a car accident, the next step is to make phone calls regarding the legal and practical issues. The phone call that plays a major role in your Mississippi car accident claim is the call you make to your auto insurance company. Your insurance agent will want to know as many details about the accident as you can give.

If your car is completely totaled, you may also consider calling a towing company to move your car from the accident scene. Lastly, a call to some car repair shops can be helpful for estimating the costs of your damages and seeing whether they will work with your auto insurance policies.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Mississippi

Filing a car accident claim can be burdensome when the insurance company keeps denying your claim. Contact the Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (607) 487-0555 to talk to an Oxford Auto Accident Attorney for a consultation today. Our team of Mississippi personal injury lawyers might be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries, emotional distress, and lost wages. We can be found in Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.