Ensuring Your Teen Children Drive Safely and Efficiently

Ensuring Your Teen Children Drive Safely and Efficiently

With the influx of events taking place during the last weeks of summer and the onset of autumn, teens are probably more than excited about hitting the roads and taking part in special events. From wild concerts to ghostly happenings heralding the Halloween season, these young men and women will be prepared to hit the road in style (if possible).

With that outgoing nature, however, arises some risks. Due to their inexperience and hyperactivity, teens can be an especially large risk for themselves and other drivers. Overall, young motorists may be more than eager to take a few risks and speed across roadways and highways, resulting in disastrous consequences.

Here is how you can keep your teenager safe by helping them drive efficiently and maturely.

100 Days of Deadly Driving

One factor, in particular, contributes to the influx of teen accidents during the summer. Starting on Memorial Day and ending sometime after Labor Day, the 100 Days of Deadly Driving are a time when roadways are packed with traffic due to an increased percentage of travelers. Tragically, reports confirm that fatal accidents including 16 to 19-year-old drivers increase by 16% during this time frame. Besides a flood of vehicles, drunk driving is another deadly factor behind the 100 days, as hundreds of thousands of Americans will drink alcohol as part of holiday festivities.

Take These Safety Measures to Protect Your Teen

Ensuring Your Teen Children Drive Safely and EfficientlySafe Kids Worldwide offers seven steps for parents to follow in an effort to ensure their children drive safely and efficiently:

  1. First and most importantly, tell your teens to always wear a seatbelt (no exceptions).
  2. Create a zero-tolerance rule for alcohol and drugs.
  3. Tell your teens to allow a small number of passengers to ride with them.
  4. Set an example for using cell phones and technology in the car.
  5. Set an example for driving at the speed limit to ensure your teen is wary of speeding.
  6. Have your teens practice driving at night (with you) before you let them do it alone.
  7. Let your teens know they can talk to you about concerns anytime and anyplace.

For more information, please review the NHTSA’s web page for teen drivers.

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Driving a car is a huge leap for teens, who are now one step closer to reaching young adulthood, but the fact of the matter is that their general inexperience can get the better of them. Even if a teen is an excellent and careful driver, he/she can still face disastrous consequences due to a lack of knowledge about signaling, driving at night, and more.

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