Dump Truck Blind Spots Pose Great Risk

Dump Truck Blind Spots Pose Great Risk

Dump truck accidents in Mississippi can cause substantial injuries and death to other parties in small cars. Dump trucks are tall, hulking, and very heavy. Just their cargo bed alone can weigh over 30,000 pounds when fully loaded with certain materials. Dump trucks can run over, back up into, and roll over onto other cars. In addition, the rubble that is in a dump truck cargo bed is loose and has the potential to fall out and hit other cars that are nearby.

Like 18-wheeler trucks, drivers should exercise more caution when they drive near a dump truck and one essential way to stay safe is to stay out of their blind spot if possible. To know if you are in a blind spot of a dump truck, look up at the mirror of the vehicle to see if you can locate the driver. When you are unable to see the driver, then you are in their blind spot and they won’t see you either. There are limitations that a dump truck driver has in terms of their field of view. It is a very precarious situation to drive your vehicle near a dump truck in its blind spot.

How Dangerous are Dump Trucks?

Dump Truck Blind Spots Pose Great RiskDump trucks pose a risk to any pedestrian, motorcyclist, or nearly any other type of vehicle on the road because these trucks are so large and hefty. This also means that the damages that can result from a collision with such a large truck will often be substantial. Victims that are injured in a Jackson commercial truck accident should connect with a Jackson truck accident attorney to have their case examined so that they can learn about how to obtain compensation for their damages. Bob Germany is an effective Mississippi commercial truck accident attorney that can help you navigate the personal injury claim process in Mississippi and build a claim that reflects the damages you incurred.

While everyone who is near a dump truck is a risk for potentially being badly hurt if an accident takes place, construction workers are at very high risk because of the prevalence of dump trucks moving about construction sites. There is a lot of things happening on an active construction site which is why it is so important that anyone on or near one of these areas should stay alert and be extra vigilant. 

The University of Delaware examined the dangers of large vehicle blind spots. From 2015-2017 772 people lost their lives in a maintenance and construction zone. From 2003-2017 there were approximately 123 people every year that would die in these areas. According to the Federal Highway Administration, the primary reason for these deaths was individuals located in a blind spot of large vehicles. When in a blind spot, victims were either run over or backed over. Dump trucks were the most common large vehicle that caused these incidents and the FHA says that they were responsible for 48% of these tragic situations.

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Staying out of a large vehicle like a dump truck’s blind spot will increase your safety on the road. No matter what your location is, always presume that the driver cannot see you and if you can, give yourself plenty of room between yourself and the dump truck. Dump truck drivers must be mindful and competent to get behind the wheel as well as always ensuring that their safety equipment is in good working order such as their truck’s backup alarm, its flashing lights, and horn. Should a Jackson truck accident take place and hurt you, call the Germany Law Firm for experienced legal representation in Mississippi at (601) 487-0555.