Does Your Case Always Require Being Tried?

Does Your Case Always Require Being Tried?

Every year in the United States, thousands of trials are held to sort out many different types of legal disputes. From civil trials to administrative hearings, people fight for their rights and compensation for car accidents every day. For many of these settlements, people hire attorneys to represent them due to misunderstanding the legal system.

However, legal trials can take a great amount of time depending on the type of case and schedules. Though some may only last a few days, more complicated endeavors can last weeks or even months. Furthermore, the pressure of a trial can be incredibly stressful and tormenting for some people. In such cases, you might ask yourself if all cases need to be tried in court, including your own.

For most people, each different case varies depending on circumstances, severity, and others’ schedules. Though it may be crucial to have an attorney to represent you, you may not necessarily need a trial. By understanding the circumstances of your case, you may be able to avoid the complications of a trial while still earning benefits.

What Requires My Case to be Tried?

Though there may be hundreds of thousands of car accidents every year, they include both serious and minor collisions. If an accident caused minor dents and can easily be dealt with, chances are the courtroom will not be necessary. An easy way to tell if your case may be tried is by predicting whether a lawsuit will follow.

Does Your Case Always Require Being Tried?

Most people will not file a lawsuit unless the case acts particularly damaging and costly. Though a minor dent may not be worth a lawsuit, an injury such as a broken bone or severe car damage might. Repairing a vehicle or undergoing surgery mark just a few of many expensive problems people in a serious accident face. These are people who likely will not have the money to easily pay these problems off and demand compensation. In fact, you might be one of these people, and you should seek all the proper compensation you can.

You might not just be facing another person in an accident, but perhaps an insurance company for lacking reimbursement. Navigating problems of this scale requires an experienced lawyer to speak for your case. Filing a lawsuit is an expensive endeavor, and you will likely be hiring an attorney for a case that could be open for months. These aspects must be considered by any before filing a lawsuit.

Alternatives to Trials

Court trials can be understandably stressful, and you must invest a lot of time, resources, money, and attention to them. In which case, avoiding courtroom trials is completely understandable for some victims. Thankfully, there do exist other options and alternatives to trials, such as establishing a mediation or arbitration.

Mediation is a more private process where two opposing parties have a neutral third party “mediate” the situation. In mediation, both sides have the chance to explain their sides of the story. After explaining their thoughts, feelings, and interests, the neutral mediator helps both parties come to an understanding. They do not have the power to make an ultimate decision but instead help them seek a resolution. Mediations typically have lower and less severe verdicts and avoid the pressure of a jury.

Arbitrations work similarly, but the difference is the arbitrator can make a greater decision to settle the case. In a sense, an arbitration acts as a more private trial and can be enforced by a court. An arbitration might also have multiple neutral parties casting judgment instead of just one.

What are my Choices?

Just as every case differs, different people handle similar cases in various ways. Just because you hire an attorney does not mean you need them to represent you in a trial. If you or someone else files a lawsuit, the situation does not need to escalate to the courtroom. At the end of the day, when a client hires an attorney, the client handles the direction of the case. An attorney’s job is to simply provide guidance and represent the client, should they be tried.

Alternatives like the aforementioned mediations and arbitrations can find direction with the help of your attorney. You hire an attorney not only to represent you but make informed decisions. So yes, you may not need to go to court for any accidents or injuries, but trials can still be run. Ultimately, trials are completely optional, but you should decide based on the case’s severity.

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