Does a Car’s Size and Weight Make it Safer for its Occupants?

Does a Car’s Size and Weight Make it Safer for its Occupants?

When it comes to a vehicle’s safety, advanced safety features and solid impact protection are key. Both the size and weight of a vehicle play many parts in affecting the outcome of an automobile accident. Victims of an automobile crash in Mississippi that occur because of the negligence of another party can choose to take legal action and file a Mississippi personal injury suit for compensation. If you were in a crash and were injured and had your automobile destroyed, you should consider filing a Mississippi personal injury claim. If you do not, you will be responsible for paying out of pocket for all of the costs associated with your damages.

Bob Germany has more than 40 years of helping victims of injury accidents in Mississippi see their full legal justice by building strong injury claims that obtain the most compensation possible. It is important to remember that after an injury accident, the Mississippi statute of limitations to file a claim is three years front the date of your accident. The sooner you move forward the stronger your claim can be and if any hurdles arise, combatting them may not be as challenging as if you had waited until the last minute to file.

How Do Size and Weight of a Car Affect the People Inside?

Does a Car's Size and Weight Make a DifferenceWhen an impact happens during a Mississippi car crash, the way that individuals sitting inside the car experience the incident is different depending on the size of a car. First, heavier vehicles will be able to take on a collision better than smaller vehicles. If your vehicle is larger and heavier than the one that hit you, the smaller car will be thrust backward and will take on the brunt of the force. This means that the people inside of the smaller, lighter car will be the most vulnerable to physical bodily harm.

Longer cars have more room for their occupants. When a collision takes place, frontal crash impacts are reduced because there is much more space between the people inside of the car and the sight of contact. A longer vehicle provides the extra room necessary to protect much better against crushing. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested their top-rated smaller car models in crashes against larger vehicles. What the tests found was that even when a smaller vehicle is rated highly by the IIHS collided with only a midsized vehicle, they consistently took on more of the damage from the incident. One can only imagine when a small or even a mini car comes into contact with an extra-large car like a Suburban SUV or a commercial truck for that matter. The devastation for the smaller vehicle would likely be immense.

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There is no doubt that the constant research and innovation in the car manufacturing industry has led to significant advanced safety technologies and protections for all cars during a crash. Nonetheless, a smaller vehicle is extremely vulnerable when in an accident with a much larger vehicle. To discuss your Jackson car accident situation, call Germany Law Firm, PLLC to schedule a free consultation at (601) 487-0555.