Do You Have to Report Every Type of Boating Accident in Mississippi?

Do You Have to Report Every Type of Boating Accident in Mississippi?

According to the United States Coast Guard Recreational Boating Statistics, in 2017, thousands of boating accidents took place resulting in hundreds of deaths. Over half of those incidents had injuries. To be exact:

  • Total boating accidents reported were 4,291.
  • The number of fatal boating accidents was 599, and of these 658 people lost their lives.
  • The number of injured boaters was 2,629.
  • July was the most dangerous month for boaters with the highest rates of fatal boating accidents and those that yielded injuries from these incidents.

If you have ever visited the state of Mississippi or if you are lucky enough to live here you know about the beautiful natural amenities the state offers for boaters. Mississippi has several gorgeous lakes, the great Mississippi River, and its seas on the Gulf coast. You can choose your destination when it comes to all things water. Yet, it only takes a minor misjudgment to lead to a major catastrophic accident. 

When to Report a Mississippi Boating Accident?

Do You Have to Report a Deadly Mississippi Boating AccidentIf you are an owner or an operator of a Mississippi recreational boat you have several responsibilities. Should a boating accident happen, you are required by Federal law to file an accident report when any of the following happens after a crash:

  • A boat passenger dies as a result of the accident.
  • Any passenger sustains severe injuries from the Jackson boat accident that must have medical treatment more than what could be done by administering basic first aid.
  • A passenger goes missing after the accident and the circumstances point towards death for that missing individual or that they are likely injured.
  • The damage to the vessel is at least $2,000.
  • The vessel is completely demolished.

These are the federal guidelines but Mississippi also has its own procedure that requires reporting:

  • property damages that accumulate to more than $100.
  • A passenger loses consciousness.
  • There is a death.
  • Injuries or medical treatment are necessary for over 24 hours.

For both federal regulations and those set in Mississippi, there is a timeline for reporting boating accidents. The time that Mississippi requires for reporting is the same as the federal government when injury or death results from one of these incidents. That timeframe is 48 hours. It is important to track serious boating accidents because these reports can help find people that are missing, gain a better understanding of what factors lead to catastrophic boating incidents and how to mitigate them, discover unforeseen boat defects, lead to more thorough accident investigations, improve safety programs for boaters, and much more. 

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Boating accidents in Jackson and the surrounding areas can have devastating results. When a fatal boating accident happens because of another party’s negligence, the victim may have the ability to file a Mississippi wrongful death claim for compensation. Whether you or someone you loved was injured in a boating accident in Mississippi or if you lost a loved one you should speak to the Germany Law Firm to find out more about how you can get the financial compensation you are entitled to. You can schedule your free consultation with the Mississippi wrongful death attorney at the Germany Law Firm today by calling (601) 487-0555.