Do Seatbelts Really Make a Difference?

Do Seatbelts Really Make a Difference?

Ever since seatbelt laws were first enacted, some people have been wondering whether seatbelts are really necessary. In the past, people have questioned whether seatbelts even make a difference, especially with the invention of airbags. The truth in this matter is found by diving deeper into what functions seatbelts serve in addition to what studies have shown about car accident survival rates and seatbelt use. Many people have suffered serious injuries as a result of not wearing a seatbelt. If you suffered injuries from an accident caused by negligence, be sure to consult with a Mississippi auto accident attorney about compensation.

Ways Seatbelts Protect You During a Car Accident

Other than keeping you in your seat, there are several different types of seatbelt functions. A seatbelt anchors your body down during the unexpected event of a car accident when violent motions take full control over your body. Car accidents leave no time or ability for you to move out of harm’s way. This is Do Seatbelts Really Make a Difference?when a seatbelt can protect you from hitting your head and body against the dashboard or other hard parts of the car.

Hitting your head in just the right way against a window, steering wheel, or any other car part runs the risk of a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBIs can leave people with lifelong disabilities and some TBIs can result in wrongful death. Airbags do help prevent this from happening, but without a seatbelt to secure your body in place, you may end up hitting the side of the car or being thrown through the windshield. This would be especially common in rollover car accidents. 

Seatbelts also serve to spread the force of the collision across your body instead of letting your body experience the full brunt of the impact. The lap belt did not work as effectively until the shoulder and chest belt was added to spread the crash forces across the strongest parts of the body. 

Do Seatbelts Make a Difference in Car Accidents?

At this point, some people may find the theories behind seatbelt functions interesting, but may not be fully convinced until they see statistical support. Studies on seatbelt use and car accidents show that 51% of male passengers were killed because they were not wearing a seatbelt. For all passengers, around 47% of vehicle occupants died because they were not wearing a seatbelt.

Seatbelt use has been estimated to decrease fatal injuries for passengers by 45% and moderate injuries by 50% when looking at all car accidents. Using a seatbelt in a truck can reduce your risk of fatal injuries by 60% compared to not using a seatbelt. 

Auto Accidents Attorney in Mississippi

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