June 2, 2022

Do LGBTQ Individuals Face Discrimination When Filing Lawsuits?

When negligence plays a role in causing an accident that harms you and causes you injuries and other damages, you have the right in the state of Mississippi to file a suit against the culpable party for compensation for your losses. This is a truth that is shared by men, women, children, and those people who lose a loved one in such an event. The law is meant to be fair to all victims, giving them the chance to recover compensation for the damages suffered. This means that no victim should be unfairly treated when they are making their way through the personal injury claim process. Still, unequal and unacceptable treatment does exist in some instances.

If you were the victim of an injury accident in Mississippi, Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury attorney that you can trust to provide you with the highest level of customer services and strategic legal guidance.

Discrimination and Tort Law

, Do LGBTQ Individuals Face Discrimination When Filing Lawsuits?, Germany Law Firm PLLCDespite the many laws on the books that prohibit discrimination at the state and federal levels in different situations like the workplace, there are not really many protections available for LGBTQ individuals when they believe they have been subjected to discrimination by a professional in the legal industry. Because of this, there are some people in the LGBTQ community that report they experienced biased and prejudiced treatment by legal professionals.

In specific, those individuals who were residents of rural communities tended to suffer the most incidents of discrimination. However, these events can still exist in more urban areas too.

After an injury accident like a car accident, for example, the level of destruction and the extent of the damages a victim can suffer can be substantial. Damages including payment for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical costs, and property damages are just a sampling of the losses that a victim may have to endure. It is critical that everyone who has a valid personal injury claim for compensation can get the legal counsel they need to help them secure fair settlements so they are able to recover and move on with their lives.

When discrimination exists, certain communities may be afflicted more so than others. For these individuals, justice under the law and financial recovery may be a more difficult challenge.

Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury attorney who has more than four decades of experience helping everyone in the community seek justice and financial compensation through the tort system. As a dedicated and caring injury lawyer, Bob Germany will fight on your behalf no matter who you are.

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