August 25, 2022

Do Insurance Adjusters Have to Accept a Car Accident Police Report?

After an injury accident, such as a car crash, for example, there are several damages that a victim may suffer. Medical expenses for treatment of injuries, property damages to a vehicle, and more. All of the losses that a victim sustains can be identified and tabulated to get to some amount of financial compensation that is fair. A personal injury claim can be filed against the negligent party’s insurance provider to obtain that financial compensation.

To be successful with one’s claim, however, it is necessary to support your damages with evidence. Medical bills after being seen by a doctor for injuries or a car repair bill for the destruction that happened after an accident are just a couple of the possible types of evidence that can be used. Police reports too may also be helpful for showing that certain damages exist and happened as a result of a car accident.

Is it Required to Accept Police Report Findings After a Crash?

, Do Insurance Adjusters Have to Accept a Car Accident Police Report?, Germany Law Firm PLLC

Understanding which pieces of evidence and documentation can be helpful to a personal injury claim is something that an attorney can advise you on. In Mississippi, Bob Germany is a Jackson car accident attorney who can identify all forms of evidence that can strengthen your claim and your position regarding the totality of your losses after an accident.

When 9-1-1 is called after a car accident and an officer comes to the scene, they will be assessing the situation to see if everyone is ok and if there were laws broken which caused the crash. They will speak to the parties involved and even witnesses if there are any. They will scan the accident and investigate how everything looks. In their report, they will include the identifying information of the parties they spoke with, the property damages that resulted, and the injuries that may have transpired. Potentially, they may include an explanation of how they believe the accident happened. 

When you file a personal injury claim your attorney will get a copy of the Mississippi crash report to see if the findings can be advantageous to showing your damages and strengthening your claim. The insurance adjuster of the company you filed a claim against will also obtain a copy of the report to see what it says.

A police report is helpful to make a strong argument that certain damages were a direct result of a crash. An example would be certain injuries you suffered that the officer witnessed at the crash scene. When negotiating with the insurance company for a full settlement, these details in the report can be helpful to show your harm existed.

But insurance agents do not have to agree with everything in the report and may refute certain aspects. Who caused the accident is one area that the insurance adjuster may question and counter that you were also responsible for the crash. Your Jackson personal injury lawyer at Germany Law Firm, PLLC knows how to use the findings of a police report to show the damages you suffered and to leverage it for the most compensation possible.

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The police report can be a strong piece of evidence that is used to help you establish the damages you included in your claim. But, the insurance adjuster does not have to and may not agree with everything in it when settlement negotiations are taking place. It is important to have an experienced Jackson personal injury attorney that is skilled in these matters to secure the highest amount of compensation on your behalf.  To schedule a free consultation with the Jackson injury lawyer at the Germany Law Firm, PLLC, please call (601) 487-0555.

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