Do I Have Rights If a Mississippi Car Accident Was My Fault?

Do I Have Rights If a Mississippi Car Accident Was My Fault?

One of the worst realizations after a car accident in Mississippi, or anywhere else, is finding out that you were at fault. While this is a terrifying legal situation to be in, this is not the end of your claim. You might still be able to seek compensation depending on various factors. There are also ways you can defend yourself if you are sued. However, taking this ordeal on alone can be overwhelming. Consider hiring a Mississippi multi-vehicle accident lawyer to explore your legal options.

How Will Being at Fault Affect My Compensation?

Many people think that being at fault takes away all their chances of receiving compensation. The reality is that this depends on your auto insurance policies and what your insurance plans include. For example, medical payments coverage plans will pay for medical bills whether you were at fault or not.

If you have collision coverage, then your auto insurance company will help pay for damages to your car. This includes repair shop fees, replacing parts, and repairing parts Do I Have Rights If a Mississippi Car Accident Was My Fault?of your vehicle. As many people know, car repair expenses alone can go up to thousands of dollars.

The key answer to the amount of compensation you can receive if you were at fault is this depends on your insurance plan. If you only bought the minimum liability auto insurance, then you may not receive any compensation. However, if you also purchased collision and medical payments insurance plans, then you could be compensated for medical and car repair costs.

It is important to realize that liability auto insurance pays for damages caused to the other driver. This protects you from having to pay for all the driver’s damages yourself. What this also means for you is no coverage for your damages unless you purchased those additional insurance plans.

Mississippi Legal Tips When You Were at Fault

Do not panic if you were at fault. There are ways to defend yourself against the other driver’s accident claim, depending on the circumstances. Avoiding the situation is the worst way to handle this. When it comes to Mississippi car accident laws, drivers are required to report an accident by calling the police if:

  • Property damages exceed $250
  • Anyone is injured

Not reporting the accident or driving off could result in legal consequences. One of these consequences could result in your driver’s license being suspended. While there are wrong steps like this to take, there are also right steps.

First, never admit fault and do not apologize. Doing this gives the other driver automatic leverage. Second, many people do not realize that auto insurance companies often provide you with a lawyer if you were at fault. You can also contact a Jackson, Mississippi accident lawyer for advice.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Mississippi

Realizing the car accident was your fault can make your situation feel hopeless. Call Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Jackson auto accident attorney about your legal options. Our dedicated Mississippi car accident lawyers are prepared to help you collect the evidence you need to defend yourself. You can find our law offices in Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.