December 5, 2021

Do Drivers with ADHD Cause More Accidents?

There is no law stating that a person who suffers from ADHD is prohibited from driving. The Neurodevelopmental disorder is very common and becoming increasingly more prevalent in the population. Often, a person is formally diagnosed with ADHD when they are a child and the symptoms of the disorder persist into adulthood.

An individual that has ADHD may have any of the following symptoms:

  • Issues focusing and paying attention.
  • Inability to effectively manage impulsivity.
  • Be very hyper.

Some of the symptoms that are indicators ADHD could exist include:

  • A child who zones out and daydreams frequently.
  • A child who is unable to sit still.
  • A child who talks a lot.
  • A child who is unable to think clearly about situations and takes unnecessary risks.
  • A forgetful child.
  • A child that has difficulties interacting properly with others.
  • A child that acts carelessly.

Does ADHD Affect Driving?

, Do Drivers with ADHD Cause More Accidents?, Germany Law Firm PLLCDriving is a serious task that has deadly implications if it is taken on carelessly. It only makes sense that a disorder that causes a person to be easily distracted and struggle to keep focus, would make them more dangerous while behind the wheel. In fact, research into the safety of drivers with ADHD has shown that there is an increased risk for car accidents for these individuals.

According to one study found in JAMA Pediatrics, the risk of accidents is increased by 36% when a driver has ADHD. Other studies have shown similar vulnerabilities to traffic accidents. Including one that found ADHD drivers were four times more prone to be involved in an accident when compared to other drivers that do not have ADHD.

When new, young drivers with ADHD are operating a motor vehicle, it can be incredibly dangerous. This is because novice drivers do not have sufficient experience driving. Younger drivers in general, tend to take more risks like speeding. When you add ADHD to the mix, a driving situation becomes quite perilous. This is true for both the driver and others near the driver.

If your child is suffering from ADHD it is possible for them to gain independence when they are of driving age. Working with a driving rehab specialist may be beneficial. It is incredibly important that if medication is used as a part of a person’s ADHD treatment plan, that the person never drive if they haven’t taken their medication. Research does show that when a person struggling with ADHD takes their medicine, they reduce the risk for a crash happening.

People that have ADHD can work with medical professionals to obtain comprehensive treatment plans that will help them manage their condition. Doing so helps people with ADHD function well in daily life. This includes safe driving.

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