May 29, 2022

Do Companies Ignore Defective Product Warning Signs?

When a company designs and manufactures a product for the consumer market, it must ensure it is safe. A product that can inflict harm should not be sold to avoid any potential injuries or death that could happen. But, sometimes a company will be alerted to potential issues with their product and disregard the warning signs. As a result, they release a product that puts the public’s health and safety at risk. 

Defective products should be recalled once it is determined that they are unsafe. If a company does not recall a product they know to be dangerous, and someone is hurt or loses their life because of it, then legal action may be possible to recover financial compensation. In Mississippi, Bob Germany is a Jackson product liability attorney with over four decades of experience fighting to protect victims' rights and helping them get the compensation they need for their damages.

How Are Unsafe Products Released to the Public?

, Do Companies Ignore Defective Product Warning Signs?, Germany Law Firm PLLCThere are times that a product is put on the market without any knowledge or assessment that it is unsafe. After it circulates with consumer use, however, harmful imperfections and flaws are exposed. When this happens, the product should get recalled to keep the public safe. This process, though, does not always play out accordingly.

In 2009, Fisher-Price debuted its Rock n’ Play infant sleeper despite being aware that it was not safe for children according to a Congressional report. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform looked into allegations that the popular baby product company did know there was a risk with the product but released it anyway. 

The report detailed that Fisher-Price did not do their necessary due diligence in reviewing the infant sleeper safety profile. And, even before the product was put on the market, the company’s own internal safety team alerted them that there were problems with the sleeper. Warnings were issued leading up to the product's release, but it was put out anyway. Additionally, the company used a fraudulent doctor who was not legally permitted to practice medicine as an expert consultant during the design of the product.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that there were 4.7 million units sold which made the company over $200 million. Then in 2019, the Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play sleeper was recalled. Approximately 50 babies died in the sleeper. Babies in the sleeper would roll on their stomachs or onto their sides which resulted in their death. 

Several product liability lawsuits against Fisher-Price for the unsound product ensued.

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Defective products are incredibly dangerous to consumers. These products can cause injuries and death. Consumers that are harmed by faulty products may be able to file a civil suit against the manufacturer, design company, or potentially stores that sell these products for compensation. To learn more about how you can obtain financial compensation if a defective product caused your injuries, The Germany Law Firm, PLLC can assist you. 

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