Different Levels of Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Different Levels of Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Spinal cord injuries happen when the bones of your spine, called vertebrae, become fractured under extreme pressure during a car accident. The shards of vertebrae can easily damage the spinal cord, a bundle of nerves that connects your brain to the rest of your body. When this happens, a variety of symptoms can emerge, some with crippling lifelong disabilities. Being aware of the different levels and signs of a spinal cord injury can help you prepare for what to expect after a spinal cord injury. If the accident was caused by negligence, talk with a Mississippi multi-vehicle accident lawyer to seek compensation. 

Main Levels of Spinal Cord Damages

Different Levels of Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Car AccidentsThere are five levels of spinal cord damage that correspond to which of your vertebrae were damaged during the accident. The first level involves damage to the higher cervical vertebrae. This results in the most severe effects that fall under a category called tetraplegia. Tetraplegia means the person has lost all movement and sensation below their neck. This also comes with bladder and bowel dysfunctions.

Next is low cervical vertebrae damage, which can cause paralysis in the arms, but the person is still able to breathe and talk on their own. Thoracic vertebrae damage can lead to a condition called paraplegia. People with paraplegia are unable to move parts of their body including the chest muscles, stomach, and everything below the waist. This level of spinal cord damage usually leaves their arms functional, but may make breathing difficult.

Lumbar vertebrae damage induces paralysis from the waist down only. Whether a person will need a wheelchair or leg brace depends on the severity of the damage. Lastly, people with sacral vertebrae damage may experience some paralysis in their hips and legs. This level of damage may let some people be able to walk, either with healing or extensive physical therapy. 

Recognizing Spinal Cord Injury Signs

Recognizing signs of spinal cord injuries is vital for seeking the medical help you will need if you find yourself in this situation. Not receiving help or moving your spine the wrong way with this kind of injury could potentially induce additional damage and permanent outcomes. The main symptom to look for is extreme back or neck pain after a violent accident.

Other common symptoms of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Paralysis
  • Numbness or tingling sensations
  • Lost bladder or bowel control
  • Shallow breathing or other difficulties with breathing
  • Problems with balance, walking, or moving
  • Odd posturing or bone positions in your back

One of the most important things to do for serious spinal cord injuries is to immobilize your neck and back until emergency services arrive. Moving the wrong way could cause further damage that may not be able to be undone. There are different ways you can minimize car accident injuries

Multi-Vehicle Accidents Lawyer in Mississippi

Paying for all the medical treatments and physical therapy bills for a spinal cord injury can be close to impossible when you also have to worry about car repair costs or lost wages. If your car accident was caused by another driver, then contact Germany Law Firm, PLLC today at (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Jackson auto accident lawyer. Our Mississippi car accident lawyers are ready to help you obtain the compensation you need to recover.