Defective Product Cases In Mississippi

Defective Product Cases In Mississippi

As consumers, we tend to put our faith in manufacturers. We trust they will make us things that we can use safely without the risk of harm.  Things like a toy for a child, a car part, or even a medical device are often among these products. We take pride in owning the latest smartphone, the hottest car, or a new game system.

But what would happen if you were to get home only to find the mixer you bought had a faulty motor and it sparked a fire? Or that new smartphone has a defect and the battery blows up? That toy for your child harms them in some way because of a manufacturer’s negligence?

If you are using the product as it was intended and are injured in doing so, you could have grounds for a defective product suit. The defective product a consumer correctly uses that causes injury can be deemed unreasonably dangerous.

What Are the Different Defects that Can Lead to Injury in Mississippi?

Claims for defective products fall under state laws. A breach of warranty, strict liability, or negligence can be what the ruling is depending on the laws of each state. The different ways a product can be defective and lead to injury can include:

2/25 Defective Product Cases In Mississippi

  • Marketing defects- this is a defect of information. Was the product misrepresented? Were the instructions wrong? If it’s medical or medicinal, did they label all the dangers or side effects? Anything in or left out of the information about the product that harms someone is a defect.
  • Design defect- a defect that should be caught before it gets manufactured. A flaw in the design could be a lack of safety features or the confinement of components that cause them to overheat.

Manufacturing defect- These are errors made while the making of the product. A crossed wire or some loose parts can become catastrophic.

Who is Responsible for a Defective Product in Mississippi

The party that must take responsibility for your injuries depends on the type of defect it is. The many different parties that could be responsible for compensation can include:

  • Retailer of the defective product
  • The wholesaler
  • Advertisement company
  • Manufacturer of the entire device
  • The manufacturer of specific pieces or ingredients
  • The assembly or installation company

You are not limited to one party to include in your defective product claim. Any of the parties responsible for your injuries should be held accountable for their actions. Make sure you were following the product’s instructions and taking the warnings accompanying the product into consideration while using it for its intended purpose. If you took these precautions and were still injured, you may be entitled to compensation and should speak with a defective product attorney immediately.

Filing a Defective Product Claim in Mississippi

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