Dangers of Broken Bones in Older Adults

Dangers of Broken Bones in Older Adults

As we age, the strength of our immune systems and overall bodily health naturally declines. This process is a part of life that no one is immune from as they get older. Some of the best actions to take that preserve health and wellness are to reduce stress, stay active, and eat nourishing foods. Though, even the healthiest and strapping mature adult is still much more vulnerable to severe outcomes if they sustain bodily harm.

Broken bones may not seem like a death sentence for younger adults, teenagers, and children, but for a mature adult, a broken bone can take their life. If an older adult has a bone injury like a fracture to the hip or to the spine, they could be in serious jeopardy of dying from the injury. The problems typically start to arise after the bone is treated and the healing process begins. Complications during this time of recovery can take a turn for the worse fairly quickly for an older adult that is suffering from a fracture.

How Deadly are Bone Fractures in Older Adults?

Dangers of Broken Bones in Older AdultsOne study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism revealed that individuals as young as 50 are 25% more likely to die after suffering a bone fracture injury. If an older adult has a bone fracture, depending on how severe it is and its location, they are at increased risk for death one year after their injury accident. This demographic may also have an elevated concern for mortality as far out as ten years after their injury accident. 

If you or a loved one lives in Jackson, Mississippi and you sustained a broken bone as a result of an injury incident that was caused by another person’s negligence, it is worthwhile to speak with a Mississippi personal injury attorney. You may have a case to file a Mississippi personal injury claim for compensation to help you pay for your medical costs and other related damages. An older adult who was injured in a Jackson injury incident could have substantial medical expenses because of the treatment and care that they may require to recover.

Women are 20% more likely to die after a broken hip bone while men were 33% more susceptible to death from this injury. The break down of risk for types of bones broken and their associated prospect of death by gender include:

  • Pelvic fractures: 25% for women and 20% for men.
  • Femur fractures: 25% for women and 20% for men.
  • Vertebral fractures: 10% for women and 10% for men.
  • Clavicle, upper arm, or rib: 10% for women and 10% for me.
  • Lower leg: 3% for women and 3% for men.

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Slip and fall accidents in Missippi, Jackson car accidents, defective products, truck collisions, and aviation accidents are just a sampling of the situations that can cause significant bodily harm to any age group. When it comes to the elderly, the damage that is sustained in an accident can have long-term implications and may contribute to death. If you need help obtaining compensation through a Mississippi wrongful death suit or a personal injury claim, Bob Germany can help. Bob Germany is a skilled and knowledgeable Jackson wrongful death attorney that you can meet with during a free, no-obligation consultation. Please call the Germany Law Firm to schedule your complimentary consultation at (601) 487-0555.