Crash Rates of EMS Helicopters VS. Non-EMS Helicopters

Crash Rates of EMS Helicopters VS. Non-EMS Helicopters

Helicopters provide many essential functions due to their unique ability to move up and down, make complicated turns in the air, do not need a runway to be operational, can hover, and more. Airplanes, by contrast, are unable to do many of these things. Because of their versatility in movement helicopters are used in several ways:

  • Military operations
  • Medical purposes for transporting critical patients.
  • Firefighting
  • Transporting cargo
  • Rescue people that are stuck in difficult to reach locations
  • Law enforcement exercises
  • News reporting
  • Leisurely activities
  • Research

It takes specialized training to operate a helicopter. Even with this training, accidents still happen and more often than many people know.

If you have been injured in a helicopter accident in Mississippi, you need an attorney that understands the way that helicopters operate and what is needed when investigating these types of crashes. The Jackson aviation accident attorneys at Germany Law Firm, PLLC have extensive experience managing aviation accidents like helicopter crashes.

Emergency Medical Service Helicopters and Non-EMS Helicopter Crashes

Crash Rates of EMS Helicopters VS. Non-EMS HelicoptersAccording to a study done by the Federal Aviation Administration that looked at crash rates between Emergency Medical Service Helicopters and Non-EMS helicopters from 1999 to 2018, there were many more non-EMS crashes than EMS crashes. During this 20-year time frame, there were 2,832 crashes reported in non-EMS helicopters versus 206 EMS incidents.

While there were higher numbers of accidents in non-EMS helicopters, there were more deadly crashes in EMS helicopter accidents. Approximately 32.65% of the accidents in EMS helicopters were fatal versus 14.55% in non-EMS helicopters.

The study showed that the accident rates for all types of helicopters during that 20-year timeframe were decreasing, but accidents that took place in EMS helicopters were more lethal than those that occur in non-EMS helicopters. Even with the rate of accidents per flight hour for EMS helicopters falling far below that of non-EMS helicopters, the rate of fatal accidents per flight hour for EMS helicopters was still higher.

There were 27 different factors that were found which could explain why EMS helicopter crashes are so deadly. Out of all of these circumstances, deadly EMS helicopter incidents had two major factors that tended to happen more frequently than they did in non-EMS helicopter crashes. These factors were visibility issues and pilot judgment. In EMS helicopter incidents that were deadly, the pilots had a second-class medical certificate, not a first-class certificate. And, these deadly EMS flights did not have a second pilot.

There are several steps to take after an aviation accident like a helicopter crash including moving away from the accident scene as soon as you can. This is, of course, if you can. Also, speaking to a knowledgeable Jackson aviation accident attorney can help you preserve your rights and increase your chances of getting the most compensation from an aviation accident claim possible.

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