Common Triggers of Hypersensitivity After a Brain Injury

Common Triggers of Hypersensitivity After a Brain Injury

When you have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, the road to recovery can be a long, difficult challenge. But, staying the course and keeping up with symptom management and efforts to improve your condition can pay off. Still, there are serious challenges that people who are recovering from a brain injury can face that they may have never had problems with before their injury. The reality is that life after a TBI is likely going to look and feel different than it did prior to the incident that caused the injury.

Car accidents, motorcycle crashes, bicycle incidents are just a few ways that a person can suffer trauma to their head that results in a TBI. TBI’s can be mild to very severe and even be fatal. If negligence was a factor in the incident that caused your physical bodily harm, speaking to an attorney may be beneficial. Bob Germany is a Jackson TBI attorney who can assist you with obtaining the compensation you need for the losses you suffered. Bob Germany has more than 40 years of experience helping injury victims with their personal injury claims.

What Causes Hypersensitivity in Brain Injury Victims?

Common Triggers of Hypersensitivity After a Brain InjuryWhen any portion of your brain is damaged, being able to function like normal can be difficult or even impossible. If the portion of the brain whose job it is to handle sensory processing has been impaired, then it is highly likely problems dealing with hypersensitivity will follow. Sensory overload can happen quickly and easily when your brain is trying to manage too much external stimulation.

It takes quite a bit of energy and effort to recover from a TBI. The brain funnels all of its efforts to healing leaving little on the table to manage other tasks. Meaning, when the brain has to interpret additional stimuli it can easily become overwhelmed. Then, sensory overload can take place. Overstimulation can be incredibly hard to deal with when going about daily activities.

There are certain triggers that when experienced can cause a TBI victim to suffer overstimulation including:

  • Bright and vivid light.
  • The chaos that can come with large, bustling crowds.
  • Things that come into contact with the skin and cause various sensations.
  • Quick unexpected movements and motions.
  • Loud sounds.
  • Background noise.

When TBI victims feel overly stimulated, they may get flustered, have problems thinking, engage in aggression, or become overly emotional. Because of this, keeping relationships stable or being able to operate in any capacity may feel hopeless. TBI’s do not just inflict physical pain but they can also cause emotional harm and affect every part of a victim’s life.

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