Common Signs of Impaired Drivers

Common Signs of Impaired Drivers

Impairment behind the wheel comes in many forms, whether it be drowsy driving, texting, driving drunk, taking calls, driving while sick, or dealing with distractions caused by unsecured cargo. While Mississippi’s impaired driving laws only explicitly prohibit a few key types of impairment, all forms of impairment while driving are nonetheless dangerous. While you can do your best to avoid being impaired while driving, you can’t control the actions of other motorists on the road. However, if they do make the unsafe decision to drive while impaired, then there are oftentimes telltale signs you can pick up on in the way they drive.

How Impairment Manifests in Driving Behaviors

Regardless of the type of impairment a driver experiences, their ability to drive will inevitably degrade. Among others, some of the most common signs of impaired driving are as follows:

  • Poor speed control: Impaired drivers will often speed or drive too slowly, but more so than that, are likely to “drift” towards unreasonable speeds, only to suddenly correct themselves with rapid acceleration or deceleration.
  • Drifting: As with their speed, impaired drivers may drift back and forth between lanes or onto rumble strips, again accompanied by sudden corrections and short-term alertness that may degrade into drifting anew.
  • Poor turn signal usage: Impaired drivers may forget to use their turn signals while changing lanes or making turns, or alternatively, may mistakenly use them at random times or forget to turn them off.
  • Near misses: Impaired drivers may abruptly react to exits and stoplights at the last possible moment, and may have near misses with stationary objects and other vehicles that could easily have been avoided with basic care and attention.
  • Impolite behavior: Impaired or aggressive drivers may obliviously or willfully tailgate vehicles, cut others off, block following vehicles from passing, ignore the right of way, or otherwise disregard normal rules of the road.

What to Do About Dangerous Drivers

Common Signs of Impaired DriversImpaired drivers are dangers to themselves and everyone around them, and are far more likely to cause a fatal auto accident than other motorists. With this in mind, your first priority upon recognizing a dangerous driver should be to preserve your own safety, so distance yourself from the vehicle in question and avoid engaging with them in any way. If their driving behavior is particularly reckless or dangerous, you may wish to call 911 to report them, ensuring that they won’t stay on the road and hurt others in an accident.

Impairment Related Mississippi Auto Accidents

As mentioned prior, you can’t control the actions of other drivers. Even with your best efforts to stay safe and drive defensively, an impaired driver could recklessly hurt you in an accident, causing no end of financial, physical, and mental suffering. If an impaired driver hurt you in a Mississippi auto accident, you can pursue extensive compensation with the help of Germany Law Firm PLLC’s Mississippi auto accident attorneys by scheduling a free consultation at (601) 401-6884. With the help of a legal professional, you can pursue a successful claim while letting a seasoned lawyer handle the complexities of the process on your behalf, giving you time to focus on your recovery and well being.