Common Forms of Trucking Company Negligence

Common Forms of Trucking Company Negligence

Truck drivers aren’t the only party that could be accountable for a Mississippi truck accident. The trucking industry is subject to extensive federal and safety regulations, meaning that a trucking company has just as much of a role in most truck accidents as the drivers themselves. Understanding these common forms of trucking company negligence is vital, as doing so can help you know who to seek compensation from after a crash.

Negligent Inspections and Maintenance

Common Forms of Trucking Company NegligenceTrucks are complex machines and highly prone to mechanical failure at times, necessitating thorough inspections alongside regular maintenance and repair. Due to both the expenses and complexities associated with this constant repair schedule, it’s not uncommon for trucking companies to drop the ball, skipping maintenance altogether or performing hasty, insufficient inspections. In order to determine if a company was negligent in this fashion, your attorney will seek out the truck’s maintenance records, comparing it to federal standards to find potential holes.

Fielding Inept Truckers

Trucking companies are, by extension, liable for some of their employee’s actions due to a concept known as vicarious liability. The actions of an irresponsible driver can often be traced to negligence in the company’s hiring, training, or evaluation processes, as it’s their responsibility to make sure all of their employees are competent and responsible. If a trucking company hires a driver with a history of DUIs, driving errors, or insufficient training, they’ll become especially liable if that employee then goes on to cause an accident. This is also true if they hire a competent trucker, yet fail to train them sufficiently or misrepresent federal regulations and policies, resulting in unknowing violations from an unassuming trucker.

Violating Hours of Service Regulations

Trucking is a demanding job, involving immense swaths of time dedicated to tedious driving day in, day out. For this reason, drowsy truck driving is extremely common, which the FMCSA tries to prevent with strict trucker hours of service regulations. These regulations limit the amount of time any trucker can spend on the road and go on to require minimum amounts of breaks, hours of consecutive sleep, and limitations on weekly work schedules.

Despite these limitations, trucking companies often pressure their employees to work excessive, illegal overtime out of a desire to maximize profits and guarantee timely deliveries for their clients. This prioritization of customers over employees is a pervasive issue across the industry and often results in easily avoidable accidents due to driver fatigue and stress.

Who’s Liable for a Mississippi Truck Accident?

A thorough investigation is necessary to determine whether or not a trucking company was liable for an accident, but fortunately, you’ll have three years to do just that under Mississippi’s statute of limitations for truck accidents. A lawyer can not only conduct this investigation on your behalf, but can also accurately interpret all relevant laws, policies, and case precedents to determine who was at fault for what, giving you the best chance possible to build a strong case for compensation. Give Germany Law Firm, PLLC a call at (601) 401-6884 to talk to a Mississippi truck accident attorney today, and get the help of a legal professional with the specialized experience necessary to pursue your claim.