Common Causes of Distracted Driving in Mississippi

Common Causes of Distracted Driving in Mississippi

Car accidents happen. But why? There is an obvious reason. This is what is referred to as “driver error” or “driver negligence.” Of course, driver error can mean many things.

So what is the worst driver error that causes the most accidents?


Distraction is when an accident happens because drivers are doing more than one thing behind the wheel.

Now, everybody does this, but it’s vital to understand that this kind of error is extremely dangerous. Hundreds of thousands of people are hurt every year in vehicle accidents that involve distracted drivers, and the numbers are only going up.

This behavior needs to cease. So how exactly are we being distracted?

Common Causes of Distracted Driving

Talking and texting on the phone. With the advent of cell phones, people are talking or texting while driving. This issue is by far the most common reason for a distracted driving accident. The National Safety Council states that 26% of all car crashes involve the use of cell phones.

Using maps and GPS. We are all dependent on GPS to get us where we are going while driving. However, setting up a GPS route while driving can be just as risky as texting. Even just looking away from the road to check out your directions can be disastrous. So if you use GPS, always mount it where it can be easily viewed, or just turn up the volume to hear the directions.

Fiddling with the radio or the air conditioner. Maybe you are super hot and need that blast of air, or you simply are turning up your favorite song. It may seem like a small thing to do these little things, but it takes your attention away from the road. That can lead to a dangerous accident on the road.

Putting on lipstick. Are you using your rearview mirror to put on your finishing makeup touches? These activities take your eyes away from the road and can lead to disaster.

Talking to your passengers. Someone is in the car with you and of course, you are going to talk to them. But driving comes first! Keep your eyes on the road, and don’t look at your passenger.

Taking your eyes off the road. There are lots of reasons why you might take your eyes off the road. Perhaps you are looking for an address, or there’s an accident on the side of the road. This may not seem like much, but these actions can lead to an accident.

Keep your pets constrained. It’s not safe to drive with your pet loose in the car. And having children in a car can be just as distracting.

Perhaps you’ve just zoned out. Driving on “autopilot” can happen – and it can be dangerous.

Consult with a Car Accident Lawyer in Mississippi

What should you do if you’ve been hurt by a person who was driving distracted?

If you’re injured in an accident you should immediately report it to the police, seek medical attention, and get information from any witnesses.

Then contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney like Bob Germany Law Firm. It is very important to talk to an injury lawyer as soon as possible. Together, an injury law firm like Bob Germany Law Firm can help you can get the fair and just recompense you deserve.