June 21, 2022

Common Causes of Defective Medical Devices

When a medical device malfunctions, serious consequences can result. Patients might suffer harm, injuries, or even death. If a pacemaker stops working, the effects could be a higher risk of death, especially for those with serious heart conditions. Being aware of the common causes of defective medical devices might help you avoid them. Feel free to talk with a Jackson medical device lawyer to see what legal options you have.

Defective Medical Device Causes

Some of the most common defective medical device causes can be broken down into five main categories. These categories include design and labeling, manufacturing, deterioration, device failures, and packaging. Identifying the category your medical device error falls into is the first step if you want to sue for damages.

Design and labeling errors exist in the blueprints of the medical device. This means that from the start, the medical device had an error. A design error often means every , Common Causes of Defective Medical Devices, Germany Law Firm PLLCreleased version of that device has the potential to malfunction. Labeling errors involve inadequate instructions or failures to warn consumers about potential hazards and safe use of the device.

Manufacturing errors include mistakes made during the production of the medical device. These errors may involve one or more medical devices that end up defective. Deterioration errors can happen when a medical device is created without consideration of parts that could deteriorate. This might overlap with inadequate instructions for proper maintenance and warnings about potential deterioration.

Device failures include full device failures, device accessory failures, and random component failures. When a certain part of the device fails, patients could be harmed as a result. Packaging problems may lead to medical devices that become damaged during the shipping process. This can lead medical professionals to use devices that they may not realize are defective or broken.

How to Sue for a Defective Medical Device

You could sue for a defective medical device by filing a product liability claim if a medical device caused you harm. This harm might come in the form of physical injuries or psychological harm. If the medical device error prevented your medical condition from improving, and this led to harm, then you might be looking at medical malpractice.

The three types of product defects you can sue for include design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects. Design defects exist in the blueprint and every version of the medical device. Manufacturing defects may only exist in one or a few versions of the medical device since these happen during mass production. Marketing defects involve labeling and instruction errors.

Consider contacting a Jackson medical malpractice lawyer if you are unsure whether to sue for product liability or malpractice. A lawyer can help guide you in the right direction.

Medical Device Attorney in Jackson

Going up against a product manufacturing company can be intimidating. Start by contacting the Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (601) 487-0555 today to speak with a Mississippi defective product lawyer for a consultation. Our experienced attorneys are ready to explore your options for compensation to cover any damages you suffered from a defective medical device. We serve clients in Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.

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