June 26, 2022

Columbus, MS - Johnny Will Prude Jr. Identified as Employee Killed at Treatment Plant on Yorkville Rd

Columbus, MS (June 26, 2022) - An employee of the Columbus Light and Water Department died on the job on Saturday, June 25th. 

According to the Lowndes County Coroner, 54-year-old Johnny Will Prude, Jr. was found dead at the CLW’s wastewater plant off Yorkville Road near the Columbus fairgrounds.

The CW General Manager reported that, at about 9:30 a.m., one of their employees was performing routine jobs at one of the department’s water facilities. After a period of time during which the employee failed to respond to any calls from his co-workers, emergency protocols were executed to establish the employee’s whereabouts.

The police were finally notified of the situation around 2:00 p.m. and assisted other workers in a thorough search of the plant. 

The worker’s body was eventually discovered behind the plant.

The cause of Prude’s death was not immediately apparent. The body was transported to the state crime lab for an autopsy, and the incident remains under investigation.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased victim, Mr. Johnny Will Prude Jr., at this time.

Wrongful Deaths in Mississippi

, Columbus, MS - Johnny Will Prude Jr. Identified as Employee Killed at Treatment Plant on Yorkville Rd, Germany Law Firm PLLC

The claimants in a Mississippi wrongful death case could potentially be awarded recovery for two kinds of damages: economic and non-economic.

  • Non-economic damages: Non-economic damages are intended to serve as compensation for other types of damages that are much more difficult to ascribe a value to, such as the pain and suffering of the deceased before they died, emotional torment, and loss of companionship.
  • Economic damages: Economic damages are designed to compensate the family of the victim for calculable and quantifiable damages. These damages could include medical costs incurred by the deceased before their passing, burial and funeral costs or the cost of cremation, lost earnings and other income, and damage to personal property.

The types of compensation you are awarded and what that total award amount will be will vary depending on the specific circumstances of your case. The best way to figure out the value of a wrongful death case is to ask an experienced attorney.

A wrongful death claim in Mississippi may only be brought by certain relatives of the deceased. These include: 

  • Surviving brothers and sisters
  • Surviving children and parents 
  • Surviving husbands and wives
  • A personal representative of the deceased’s estate

Most often, these claims are filed by the victim’s spouse. If the couple has any living children, any awarded compensation would be equitably split between the surviving spouse and child/children.  

Contact a Mississippi wrongful death attorney from Germany Law Firm, PLLC by calling (601) 487-0555 to discuss your potential claim and see what we are able to do for you. 

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