Can Your Fitness Tracker Support Your Mississippi Personal Injury Claim?

Can Your Fitness Tracker Support Your Mississippi Personal Injury Claim?

Today’s fitness trackers incorporate sophisticated technologies to track a person’s movement. You can have your location monitored, your heartbeat measured, learn about how fast you are moving, the number of steps you take, your stroke frequency if you swim, and much more.

For people training for a sport that want to improve, these trackers can be immensely helpful. People that are trying to stay fit and build upon a healthy lifestyle may also get a great amount of benefit from these trackers.

While fitness trackers were not designed with their primary goal to be of assistance in a personal injury case, this is actually another great value of wearing one. If you live in or near Jackson, MS, and were injured in a car accident, it can be extremely advantageous to connect with an attorney. Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury attorney with over four decades of experience assisting victims of injury accidents in Jackson to see justice.

How Could a Fitness Tracker Be Helpful after a Car Accident?

Can Your Fitness Tracker Support Your Personal Injury ClaimThe job of proving that another party caused your injuries and damages is yours. You must also prove the extent of the injuries you claim to have. It is not enough just to report your physical bodily harm. You must be able to have strong evidence to support your assertions.

There are many types of evidence that can support your personal injury claim including:

  • Pictures.
  • Videos.
  • Police report.
  • Witness testimony.
  • Expert testimony. 
  • Medical reports and bills.
  • Proof that you had to take time from work which cost you your wages.
  • Testimonials from friends and family.

Gathering all of this information in a timely manner and presenting it in the most persuasive way is best done by a legal professional who knows the system. Germany Law Firm, PLLC is a Jackson personal injury law firm that prides itself on providing victims with superior legal services, personalized support, and aggressive representation for the largest settlements possible.

Wearing a fitness tracker when your car accident took place may provide valuable insights into:

  • How severe your injuries from the accident were by analyzing your health data.
  • The location of the accident along with how fast you were traveling.
  • The time your accident occurred.
  • If your quality of sleep has been impacted after your accident.

Every bit of evidence that you can use to show that your injuries were from the accident and how devastating they were will make your injury claim that much stronger.

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