Can You Sue an Airline for Burns from a Coffee Spill in Mississippi?

Can You Sue an Airline for Burns from a Coffee Spill in Mississippi?

Many people remember the lawsuit in the 1990s that was brought against a famed hamburger restaurant for injuries from spilled hot coffee. Filed as a product liability suit it was highly controversial with some experts claiming it was frivolous while others argued its legitimacy. Ultimately, the claimant won and was awarded a monetary settlement. These days we drink our coffee on ice, cold brewed, or traditionally brewed and hot. Drinking any type of hot beverage has the potential to cause scalding injuries. The victim of the infamous hot coffee product liability suit had to be hospitalized for injuries and also had to endure years of medical treatment after the incident.

Adding a note to a coffee cup or its lid warning of the danger that exists for the steaming beverage has been an effective enough form of protection for restaurants and shops. Yet, coffee spills don’t just happen from a cup of joe spilling in a car, they can also take place on airplanes. In fact, coffee spills in flight are a common occurrence. Just like hot coffee on land, coffee in the air can also cause physical bodily harm. Sometimes the tray table is wobbly or when the flight attendant is handing you the drink a spill ensues. No matter how it happens, a person who sustains injuries on a commercial flight may have a case against the airline to file a Mississippi injury suit for compensation.

How Can You Be Compensated for Burn Injuries from Hot Beverages on a Plane in Mississippi?

Can You Sue an Airline for Burns from a Coffee Spill in MississippiYour options for obtaining compensation from an airline after you were burned from a hot beverage whether it be tea or coffee, are heavily dependant on the details of your situation and the type of flight you were on. When you are flying domestically, if you are burned from a hot cup of coffee, for example, you would have to show that negligence on behalf of the airline is what caused your harm. So if a flight attendant over-poured your cup, didn’t put your coffee in the right container, or wasn’t paying attention to what he or she was doing there could be a case made on your behalf that negligence existed and the airline is responsible for paying for your damages. 

On the other hand, if you spilled your coffee on yourself because the flight got a bit bumpy or if a young child near you knocks it over, then the airline is likely not going to be on the hook for paying for your medical expenses and other damages. If you are flying internationally, and an unexpected accident took place that caused your beverage to spill and burn you, it is possible to file a successful injury claim for compensation in Mississippi.

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Burns from hot liquid can be quite severe and the medical procedures and treatment plans can be extensive. When flight attendants or others working for an airline are careless or neglectful and that behavior is the reason that you were hurt, you should speak with a Mississippi aviation accident attorney and have your case examined. To meet with a qualified Jackson aviation accident attorney at Bob Germany Law, PLLC, please call (601) 487-0555 today.