May 13, 2022

Can You Settle Your Case Before Your Trial Ends?

Most personal injury or tort claims are negotiated and settled way before they make it to court. There are many reasons why this is so. One is because going to court is a risk for both the plaintiff and the defendant. Neither side ever truly knows how a jury will see a case and what their decision will be. Going to court is also expensive and time-consuming. It takes much more time to come to a conclusion if your Mississippi tort claim goes to court than it does should you accept a settlement. Additionally, there are more costs that you will incur to have your day in front of a judge and a jury.

Having a skilled and proficient legal professional on your side can improve your chances of getting maximum recovery and securing the most favorable outcome from your claim. Ultimately, your attorney’s goal is to deliver results. This can be by securing a full and fair settlement outside of court, and when that is not possible, being prepared to aggressively and successfully litigate in court. If you need assistance obtaining compensation for your damages in Mississippi, Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury attorney who can help.

How Settlements Come About When a Suit is in Trial

, Can You Settle Your Case Before Your Trial Ends?, Germany Law Firm PLLCIf you are unable to agree to a settlement with the insurance company, then your case will go to court. You can be sure that the insurance company is going to have sharp and experienced attorneys making their argument for them. As such, a veteran attorney that has a successful track record with court proceedings will likely have a keen sense when it comes to the jury. 

As a trial progresses and more evidence is revealed, either your Jackson personal injury lawyer or the insurance legal counsel may start to get a feel for what way the jury is leaning and potentially what their final decision will be. And, if one side perceives that the jury will not decide in their favor, during breaks, meeting with the other side is prudent. During these meetings continued settlement negotiations can take place.

You can never truly be exactly sure how the jury will decide a case. While it is a gamble to come to a settlement during the trial, it is still possible. The end result is a case that comes to a conclusion sooner, and a plaintiff that at the very least, ensures that they receive some financial compensation for their damages. The amount that is accepted by a plaintiff may be more or less than what a jury would award them. However, if a plaintiff will not agree to a settlement offer and then the jury awards them with much less than what that offer was or decides they should get nothing, then the plaintiff is out of luck when it comes to going back and asking for the previously rejected offer.

Speak to a Jackson Personal Injury Attorney Today

Getting to a fair settlement or jury award is the primary objective of your Jackson personal injury lawyer. So, having talented and proficient legal counsel representing you is critical. To schedule a free consultation with a Jackson personal injury attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC please call (601) 487-0555.

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