December 9, 2021

Can You Die from Road Rash Injuries?

When intense friction comes in contact with the skin, the abrasions that can result may be considered road rash. There are many ways that a person can have a road rash injury such as motorcycle accidents, car accidents, and sports injuries to name a few. Though, any activity has the potential to result in serious skin tears if an accident takes place.

For the most part, road rash can heal with time and not cause too much disruption in life. But, there are severe instances of road rash that can lead to disfiguring injuries or even death. Motorcycle accidents often result in some amount of road rash simply because of the lack of protection that a rider has. When a rider is in a crash and is thrust into the air and contacts the road, it is possible that their body may slide against the rough surface. This can lead to tearing of the skin.

Can Skin Lesions be Fatal?

Your typical road rash injury is not life-threatening, but in some cases, road rash damages can have long-term repercussions. If extreme road rash injuries are not tended to and cared for properly, this could lead to deadly consequences. 

, Can You Die from Road Rash Injuries?, Germany Law Firm PLLC

Severe road rash can cause:

  • Scarring.
  • Damaged nerves.
  • Infection.
  • The immense loss of blood.
  • Disfigurement.
  • Amputations.
  • Tetanus.

Excessive blood loss or an infection that is not treated properly may cause death to take place. Infections, for example, can only worsen in the absence of treatment. An infection that is left to spread throughout the body can work its way into a person’s bloodstream which can then proliferate into organs including the brain.

It is imperative that if a large open wound exists on the body, a person with such damage should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Not only is initial treatment necessary to begin the recovery process, but also, continued monitoring and management will likely be required to keep the healing process progressing.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Mississippi, speaking with a Jackson motorcycle accident attorney can be beneficial. Motorcycle accidents can result in very serious injuries including profound road rash trauma.

Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury lawyer that has more than 40 years of experience working with and fighting for victims of injury accidents. Due to the severity of motorcycle accident wounds, obtaining the most compensation from an injury claim is in the best interest of the victim. When a victim has a knowledgeable attorney representing their interests, they increase the potential to obtain compensation as high as 3.5 times more so than without legal counsel.

Speak to a Jackson Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

It is not just motorcycle accidents that can cause road rash injuries. Even car accidents or bicycle crashes can produce such results if a body is thrown from out onto the road. When negligence caused an accident that resulted in your physical bodily harm, you have the right to pursue a claim for compensation. 

To learn more about how the fault system in Mississippi works and the best options you have for compensation, please call the Jackson motorcycle accident lawyer at Germany Law Firm, PLLC today at (601) 487-0555. 

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