Can Underinflated Tires Cause a Car Accident?

Can Underinflated Tires Cause a Car Accident?

Taking care of your car is good for you and others. When you properly care for your vehicle, your vehicle will function better for you and make driving more enjoyable. In addition to the pleasure you can get by driving a car that operates smoothly, you can also better protect yourself and others from a potential car accident from happening. 

Of the many factors that can cause a car accident, not keeping up with a car’s maintenance routine is one. There are many parts of a car to keep an eye on, including the tires. This is especially true when the temperatures change. Changes in temperatures can result in fluctuating tire pressure. If tires are over or underinflated this could be a dangerous problem.

How Are Under-Inflated Tires Dangerous to Motorists?

Can Underinflated Tires Cause a Car AccidentSpecifically, when it gets very hot outside, tires that do not have enough air can be a great peril to a driver, their car’s occupants, and other motorists. It is possible for underinflated tires to actually explode. 

The reason that this is so is that the tire flattens onto the road over and over again and when this happens it becomes increasingly hotter. Also, the pressure on the tire can degrade its strength and actually start shredding it. Eventually, if the tire is not attended to, a blowout will almost be inevitable.

The aftermath of such an accident can be horrific. Devastating injuries, substantial property damages, or death have the possibility to result. If you were injured in a tire blowout event in Jackson, MS, you may be able to obtain compensation for your damages. 

Victims of car accidents are entitled to taking civil legal action against the negligent party whose responsible for the injury event. If you would like to pursue a personal injury claim after your accident, you can protect yourself and your interests by connecting with a Jackson car accident attorney. When you meet with a lawyer, you will be able to ask questions and learn more about your options.

Tire blowout accidents are a real problem and in 2003 alone just under 80,000 crashes happened because of cars’ flat tires and blowouts. The results of these crashes were over 400 lives lost.

After the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation Act was passed, tire-related factors that could cause accidents were included. Specifically, that tire pressure monitoring systems be included in ongoing automobile production. The benefit of these systems is that when the tires do not have the right tire pressure, the car will identify this and alert the driver. Because of this, drivers can be more proactive about keeping their tires at the correct pressure.

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