June 6, 2022

Can the Color of Your Car Cause an Accident?

When you buy insurance for a car, there are going to be various factors that go into determining the insurance premiums you pay. A common misconception is that car color goes into the calculation for insurance coverage. This is only partly true. The color of a car is not a direct factor that is used to figure out how much insurance coverage will be. This is unless the specific color of a car is hard to find and rare.

In this instance, the cost to fix a car matching it with its correct color when that color is more difficult to locate can make that particular color more expensive. As a result, an uncommon color or a custom paint job is likely going to raise the price of repairs should they be necessary. For this reason, these colors could make insurance coverage more pricey.

So, if color is not directly related to insurance price, is color related to safety? According to the research, the color of a car can actually have an impact on its safety and the chances of getting into a crash.

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What Car Colors Are the Most Dangerous?

, Can the Color of Your Car Cause an Accident?, Germany Law Firm PLLCIf safety is your chief concern when you are buying a car, then in addition to a car’s safety rating, you should also think about what color you choose. The Kelley Blue Book indicates that the favorite colors of car owners are silver, then white. When it comes to safety, it is the brighter colors that give drivers a reduced potential of being involved in a car accident. The reason is visibility. 

Bright colors like yellow, white, gold, and orange car colors are going to be the safest bet. These colors do not easily blend in with their background or other common objects on the road. Instead, they stand out. This makes them much easier for other drivers to see when they are on the road.

By contrast, darker colors and those that can better mix with their surroundings are going to put drivers and car occupants at higher risk for a crash. This is because they may not be as easily seen as their bright counterparts. The following colors could put you and your passengers at higher risk for an accident:

  • Gray and silver-colored cars increase car accident risk by 10% more than cars that have a very light or bright color.
  • Blue, and specifically dark-blue varieties are riskier, especially at night.
  • Red blends in with brake lights, stop signals, and more so even though red can be vibrant they are a more risky color to choose.
  • Green cars match trees and grass and so these cars also pose a vulnerability for car accidents.
  • Black is by far the most dangerous color and studies range as to how much more perilous the color is. Though, the ranges that have been identified when compared to lighter colored cars are anywhere from over 10% to just under 50%.

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