Can More than One Driver Be Liable for a Mississippi Car Accident?

Can More than One Driver Be Liable for a Mississippi Car Accident?

Car accidents in Mississippi are very common. These incidents happen on a daily basis and are the cause of many people sustaining injuries and harm. When a car accident happens, not only can physical bodily harm result but also, there can be property damages and more. To get the compensation that is required to pay for the damages, victims can file a personal injury claim against a negligent party for causing the crash and be compensated for their damages.

If there is one party that was acting in a clearly reckless way, like driving while intoxicated or driving excessively fast, then filing a claim for full compensation is possible. As Mississippi is a fault state, showing the negligent acts of another party caused a car accident can help victims recover the full amount of money that they are owed for the harm they suffered. 

Yet, in some situations, there is more than one party whose actions may have contributed to a crash taking place. When this happens, the laws for getting compensation change. Having a successful claim that yields maximum recovery is the ultimate goal of every claimant. After an injury accident, the Germany Law Firm can help. Working with the most skilled and experienced Mississippi car accident attorney substantially improves your chances of getting the most out of your Mississippi personal injury claim.

Can More than One Driver Be Liable for a Mississippi Car Accident

How Is Compensation Dispursed When More Than One Party is Liable?

Mississippi is a fault state and a pure comparative negligence state. So unlike states that follow a modified comparative negligence system where if one party is deemed to be responsible over 50% responsible for causing a crash, they can’t be compensated, in Mississippi, it is just the opposite. 

Car accidents where more than one party was responsible happen all of the time. They are very common. Due to the pure comparative negligence system that Mississippi abides by, everyone who shared some fault can get compensation. This is true even when one party is more than 50% to blame for the incident happening.

To gain the most compensation in a Mississippi car accident claim, you will need to prove that the other party was fully liable for the crash or that they were more liable than you were. The more liability that can be assigned to another party in a crash will determine how much money you can recover from your claim. 

When you have competent legal counsel representing your best interests, it is a much more feasible task of building a claim that shows you have little to no liability for the accident that caused your harm.

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