Can Mississippi Paramedics Be Negligent?

Can Mississippi Paramedics Be Negligent?

When people think of paramedics, most people do not think of negligent or careless people, but instead, think of self-sacrificing heroic professionals who aim to protect others from harm. However, medical malpractice can happen anywhere, even outside traditional medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes where malpractice tends to be more common. Paramedics can be considered negligent in certain situations, but the legalities can become complicated when it comes to filing a Mississippi medical malpractice lawsuit. Consider talking to a Mississippi Medical Malpractice Attorney if you have questions about what happened to you.

What is Mississippi Paramedic Malpractice?

Paramedics work hard to ensure the safety of the people they help, but they are also human and can make mistakes. Certain factors can increase these mistakes like a lack of sleep the day before, being under the influence of drugs, and a lack of competent training or faulty certification. Part of identifying Mississippi paramedic malpractice involves considering these various factors that define the lines of negligence.

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Some common forms that paramedic malpractice can take include failing to clean the wound, improper sterilization procedures, careless actions when moving patients, worsening a patient’s injuries with improper handling of a patient, and not following medical procedures correctly. There is a difference between a paramedic who commits a human error and a paramedic who fails to implement methods they are trained to use. The most negligent paramedics are the ones who intentionally ignore safety protocols.

This can easily lead to patient harm, whether through Mississippi informed consent malpractice, not asking about medication allergies, or mishandling a patient due to careless actions. The most challenging aspect is whether to sue the paramedic, the ambulance company, or the overriding medical authority of the paramedic.

How Do I Sue a Mississippi Paramedic?

All kinds of legal complications and questions can arise with suing Mississippi paramedics due to the fact that medical malpractice claims require the medical professional to have an established contract with the patient. This contract is what sets the foundation for a breach in the standard of care because the contract asserts that this standard of care is owed to the patient. For this reason, some lawsuits against paramedics end up going against the medical directors instead.

Paramedics also use informed consent somewhat differently than doctors in a hospital. While doctors have patients sit down and sign consent forms, many paramedics have to act in the moment and obtain consent through verbal or implied methods, some of which can be interpreted differently by juries. Consent cannot always be obtained in emergency situations, something that can complicate this type of lawsuit.

Medical Malpractice Attorney in Mississippi

You may not have to pay for all the damages you experienced from a negligent paramedic. All you have to do is contact the Germany Law Firm, PLLC by dialing (607) 487-0555 today to speak with a Jackson Medical Malpractice Lawyer for a consultation about your options for compensation. Working with our Mississippi malpractice attorneys might open you up to additional compensation for lost income from your injuries, pain and suffering, and medical costs. Our law firm serves people in Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities throughout Mississippi.