Can Deceptive Advertising Make a Product Hazardous?

Can Deceptive Advertising Make a Product Hazardous?

When you go to the store to buy products you need or if you prefer to shop online, you expect that what you purchase will work properly, be safe, and do what it was advertised to do. Most of the time, when you bring your product home, it does exactly what it is supposed to do and there are no issues. Other times, a product can be defective and potentially cause you harm.

Victims who suffered injuries from defective products have the right to file a product defect claim for compensation. There are three categories of product defect including:

  • Design.
  • Marketing. 
  • Manufacturing.

The product that caused your harm could have had any one of these types of defects or a combination of them. Regardless of the type of defect that exists, when you are injured because the product you purchased was faulty you may be able to take legal action to make the liable party accountable for your damages. Bob Germany is a Jackson product defect attorney that can help you with your claim.

What is a Marketing Defect?

Can Deceptive Advertising Make a Product HazardousTo build a successful product liability case, an injured victim must show that their damages were because of a defective product. It is important that a victim illustrate that while they were using a specific product in the correct way it was intended to be used, the product malfunctioned or had some other problem that caused their injury.

A design defect is something that is a problem with all items made, across the board, for a certain product.  This is so because of the way that it was created. A manufacturing defect happens when a product is not assembled correctly. Manufacturing defects can affect some of the products that are put out for a particular item, but not necessarily all of the items. 

Marketing defects, though, happen before a product even hits the market. What a manufacturer says or doesn’t say can actually be dangerous to consumers. Some examples of marketing defects include:

  • Deceitful or untrue advertising.
  • Failure to provide adequate warnings about potential hazards a medicine or other product has.
  • Poor operation manuals or instructions are insufficient.

When a consumer buys a product believing it will function one way, but instead, it does not and actually harms them, they have the right to seek compensation for their harm. Much of what a consumer believes about the way a product operates has to do with how it is presented and advertised to the public.

This is why it is important that manufacturers are honest about what their products are, what they do, and how they operate. It is also important that manufacturers warn consumers about any potential hazards that they know could exist. An example of this is if a product would be a known choking hazard for young ones, the product should indicate this hazard.

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