Can Commercial Trucks Park on the Shoulder of a Road?

Can Commercial Trucks Park on the Shoulder of a Road?

Commercial truck accidents are often catastrophic and deadly. When a large 18-wheeler slams into a much smaller passenger vehicle, the devastation that results can be substantial. Because of this, 18-wheeler trucks have to follow specific guidelines set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

There is no doubt you have driven on a highway and have seen large commercial trucks parked on the side of the road. Depending on the circumstances, doing so may be unlawful. Specifically, because a truck on the side of a road has the potential to cause a major traffic collision.

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When is a Commercial Truck Allowed to Park on the side of the Road?

Can Commercial Trucks Park on the Shoulder of a RoadAccording to Title 49 CFR 392.22, commercial vehicles must follow specific regulations when parking on the side of the road. For a commercial truck to lawfully park on the side of the road, the following must take place:

  • If a truck pulls over onto the shoulder of a highway it must put its flashing hazard lights on.
  • The flashing hazard lights must remain on while the driver puts a warning device out onto the road. The driver has only 10 minutes to place the warning device after pulling over on the side of the road.
  • The approved warning devices include red flags, fuses, three emergency triangles that are reflective, and flares. A driver may also use additional warning devices in combination with those that are approved.
  • The devices must be facing oncoming traffic four steps away from the side of the truck, 40 steps from the vehicle in the middle of the shoulder facing traffic, and 40 steps from the vehicle on the shoulder behind passing traffic.
  • When a truck driver pulls over 500 feet from an obstruction or hill a warning device must be positioned up to 500 away from the truck and towards the obstacle.
  • If the truck has a gas leak or is releasing any type of flammable material it must not use a warning device that has flames.

The actions above must be done by a stopped truck on the side of the road while the truck is being worked on and until the truck exits back onto the road.

Some truck drivers will use the highway’s shoulder in non-emergency situations. For example, the shoulder may be used as a rest stop, but this may be unlawful. In response to this, law enforcement may issue fines. 

Should a car accident happen as a result of a truck on the side of the road, it is likely that the truck will be held liable for the incident. It is important for victims to get in touch with a Jackson truck accident attorney after a truck accident takes place.

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